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As someone who has never been a fan of heavy makeup, I've always preferred a natural and subtle look. However, due to my dry skin, it's been a struggle to find products that work well for me without causing any reactions. That's why I'm very selective with the makeup I use.

Recently, I came across Faces Canada's makeup line, and it has completely changed my perspective. These products have become a staple in my daily routine. I have ordered a few very essential products from their huge collection. I would like to share my current experience with the products that I am currently using.

Rose Petal Color and Watermelon Color Lip Balm

ROSE PETAL - This mystical red shade is perfect for adding a tint of romantic red to your pout. Once you apply Rose Petal colored lip balm, you won't need to put on any additional lipstick. This product is sure to make you look more charming than ever before.

WATERMELON - When temperatures soar, your lips need nourishment and hydration. Watermelon-flavored lip balm provides just that! Just like biting into a juicy watermelon quenches your thirst, this lip balm will quench your lips' thirst for moisture. The refreshing watermelon flavor will linger and become a part of your look.

Lemon Walnut Lip Scrub

This product is designed to give you smooth, glowing, and healthy lips that are no longer a far-fetched dream.

Packed with the goodness of lemon and walnut, this lip scrub is an essential addition to your lip care kit. The natural bleaching and exfoliating properties of lemon help remove pigmentation and dead cells from your lips. Plus, the walnut shell adds to its exfoliating power, revealing fresher-looking, glowing lips.

The combination of natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E makes this lip scrub a hydration hero. It helps keep your lips soft, smooth, supple, and hydrated all day long. Get ready to confidently flaunt that pout with healthy and beautiful lips, thanks to the Lemon Walnut Lip Scrub.

Tan Be Gone De Tan Skin Brightening Clay

It is a skincare product that is designed to remove impurities, de-tan the skin, and protect against sun damage. The mask is enriched with kaolin clay and natural ingredients that effectively condition and brighten the skin. It helps in removing the damage caused by UV rays such as wrinkles, age spots, and dullness, revealing the skin's inner glow. With this product, you can achieve a clear, radiant complexion while ensuring that your skin stays healthy and protected.

Eye Pencil Electric 

Are you tired of the same old black eyeliners? Add a burst of color to your eyes with Faces Canada's Eye Pencil Electric. These long-wearing colored eye pencils come in a range of gorgeous shades that you won't be able to resist. I ordered the blue shade and it is simply amazing. These eye pencils are soft and gentle, making them ideal for sensitive eyes. Whether you want to create a dramatic look or just brighten up your eyes, these eye pencils are the perfect choice. Try Eye Pencil Electric today and give your eyes the pop of color they deserve!

Liquid Sindoor

The highly-pigmented liquid sindoor from Faces Canada is designed for the modern woman who wears vermillion with pride, this liquid-based sindoor imparts a rich and long-lasting color that doesn't smudge, fade, or crease. With a sponge-tip applicator, it's easy to apply and perfect for all skin types. This water-resistant sindoor sets to a velvet matte finish and is cruelty-free. 

So these are the above products that I have ordered and received some amazing free gifts from Faces Canada, including a 5 in 1 Brush Set Wooden, a Foundation Brush, and a Jewelry Organizer - all of which are of excellent quality. If you're looking for high-quality cosmetic products at affordable prices, be sure to check out Faces Canada's website. You'll find a wide range of cosmetics for your lips, eyes, skin, nails, and face. Don't hesitate to give this brand a try - I'm confident you won't regret it!

Faces Canada Cosmetic Brand: Products Review l Beauty And Lifestyle Mantra Faces Canada Cosmetic Brand: Products Review l Beauty And Lifestyle Mantra Reviewed by Anamikadbn on May 06, 2023 Rating: 5

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