Is Your Semi-Permanent Hair Color Fading Soon? Here's What You Should Do!

Is Your Semi-Permanent Hair Color Fading Soon? Here's What You Should Do! 

Coloring your hair in vibrant shades is in trend, with Instagram and Pinterest pouring in with various hair color ideas for your inspo. You color your hair in vibrant shades only to find that the hair color looks faded in just a few days. Are you frustrated with your semi-permanent hair color fading soon? We understand the time and effort consumed to maintain the freshness and vitality of your hair color. From exposure to sun rays to frequent hair washing, there can be numerous reasons for hair color fading soon. If you are looking for commitment-free and damage-free hair coloring solutions, look no further as Anveya Colorisma's Semi-Permanent Hair Color with Hair Bond Tech Hyaplex repairs broken hair bonds while coloring your hair in mind-blowing shades. Now coming to the point, in this blog, you will know the reasons for your hair color fading soon and some pro tips to make semi-permanent hair color for men and women stay longer. 

Before we dive into the solutions for making your hair color last longer, let's take a quick look at the nature of semi-permanent hair colors. Semi-permanent is not a great option for covering grays, but it's best for people looking to play with colors by adding streaks, highlights, and lowlights and creating balayage or ombre hair. Unlike permanent hair colors, semi-permanent hair colors do not penetrate the hair shaft. Instead, the color pigment settles on the surface, giving your hair rich, fresh, vibrant hues. As the hair coloring pigments settle on the surface of the strands, it gradually starts fading over some time. Hair colors are affected by various factors:

  • Frequency Of Your Hair Washing Session: The more frequently you wash your hair, the more quickly your color fades.
  • Hair Care Products You Use: Shampoos containing sulfates can strip the color from your hair, making your hair color look dull and faded. Use color-protect shampoo and conditioner.

  • Lifestyle: Your daily activities such as exposure to harmful UV rays and chlorine water in swimming pools fade your hair color.
  • Darker Hair Color: Bright hair colors tend to fade away quickly compared to darker hair color, which stays on your hair longer.
  • Excessive Use Of Styling Tools: Using styling tools without applying heat protectant can be responsible for your hair color fading quickly.

Ways To Prevent Color Bleeding 

Getting a highlight, lowlight or balayage on your hair, or getting a global hair color done to change your natural hair color, may be exciting. But it is a task to maintain the freshness and vitality of the hair color for maintaining your hair color for a longer time. Check out some pro tips to prevent the color from bleeding.

1. Wash Your Hair After 72 Hours 

After hair coloring, you need to wash your hair to rinse excess hair color pigments and condition it. After the initial hair wash, you must wait for 72 hours, then only wash your hair. This allows the hair color pigments to settle on the surface of the hair shaft, giving enough time for the cuticle to close, thus retaining the longevity of your hair color.

2. Treat Your Hair The Right Way 

The hair coloring product you choose, the duration you leave the hair color on your hair, and how you rinse the hair after coloring determines the longevity of your hair color. If you want your hair color to last longer, invest in a quality hair coloring product such as Anveya's Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Color, which repairs the damaged strands while coloring it. 


3. Maintain A Cool Temperature 

Is Your Semi-Permanent Hair Color Fading Soon

Hot water showers may feel blissful during winter, but it's not good for your hair health, especially your hair color. Hot water can strip the hair of hair color, fading the hair color soon.

4. Limit The Frequency Of Hair Wash 

Is Your Semi-Permanent Hair Color Fading Soon

Avoid shampooing your hair very often; instead, limit your hair-washing session to twice or thrice a week. Frequent hair wash can strip the hair color, making your hair look dry, dull, and brittle. 

5. Choose The Right Haircare Product 

After coloring your hair, make sure you choose color-protectant hair care products to retain hair color for a longer time. Regular shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates that strip the hair color, making your hair rough and brittle. Use organic shampoo and conditioners devoid of harsh chemicals, making your hair color last longer.

6. Keep Away Your Styling Tools 

Is Your Semi-Permanent Hair Color Fading Soon

The heat from the styling tools can rob your hair of its natural moisture and color. Frequent use of styling tools can fade the hair color quickly. Take a break from your styling tools if you want to retain your hair color for a long.

7. Protect Your Hair 

Exposure to sunlight and chlorine water from the swimming pool can fade your hair color quickly. Always protect your colored hair from direct exposure to the sun. Always wear a swimming cap before taking a plunge to protect your hair from the pool's chlorine water. 

8. Indulge In Masking Your Hair 

Bleaching and hair coloring can make your hair dry, rough, and lackluster. So it is vital to restore the hydration and nourishment to your hair to regain the lost vitality of your hair. Apply a hydrating and nourishing hair mask once a week.

9. Refresh Your Color

No matter how well you look after your colored hair, it is bound to fade over a while. If you can't wait for your next hair coloring session, you can quickly touch up the root, refreshing your hair color within a fraction of the time.

Maintaining the vibrancy and gloss of your hair color can be challenging. Using the right product and following the right haircare techniques can help maintain the hair color for longer. Follow these tips to keep your hair color fresh, vibrant, and dazzling.

Frequently Answered Questions 

Why Is My Hair Color Fading So Fast?

UV rays of the sun can break the chemical bond in the hair color, causing your hair color to fade quickly. Apart from sun rays, frequent shampooing, using the wrong hair care products, excessive use of styling tools, and a hot shower can strip your hair color, making your colored hair look dull, dry, and brittle.

Why Doesn't My Hair Hold Color? 

Often, the problem with DIY hair coloring is that you are not applying it evenly, not using the right product, or not leaving the hair color on your hair for the specified time.

Does Semi-Permanent Hair Color Wash Out Completely? 

Yes, After each wash, the color pigment gets washed away, and gradually after several hair washes, the semi-permanent hair color gets washed away completely.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Color Last? 

Semi-Permanent Hair Color for men and women lasts for four to six weeks depending upon the frequency of your hair wash.

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