DIY Natural Yogurt Exfoliating and Bleaching Mask

Yogurt is great for a fading tan or for blotchy, uneven skin. With repeated use, it slightly bleaches and evens skin tone. Plain yogurt is also a very gentle, soothing non abrasive exfoliant that becomes more effective with repeated use.

1 tablespoon plain yogurt

Using fingers or a cosmetic fan brush, apply yogurt to the face, neck and decollete. Be sure to lie down; the yogurt can become a bit runny when it reaches skin temperature. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Even though the mask may not be completely dry, rinse. 

You can try adding some lemon juice to the yogurt for an extra bleaching effect. Remember, the bleaching effect will not whiten your skin immediately. Continue treatment once a week for a month and see if you start to notice a more even skin tone.