Beauty Care for the Dry Skin

General care

Scrub the skin two times a month with a scrub-gel in order to soften it and enhance the absorption of nutrients in the nourishing products. Relieved of the dead cells, your epidermis (upper skin layer) will be able to breathe more freely.

Treat your face twice yearly – once at the end of winter and once at the end of summer – with a dose of hydrating solution. Apply this dose after scrubbing in order to maximize the absorption of its active ingredients. Massage until the solution is fully absorbed into the skin. Afterwards apply a hydrating or regenerating mask. Lie down for 20 minutes and remove the mask with a tissue. If you do this in the evening then the remnants will be able to continue their regenerative work throughout the night.

Daily care

Clean your upper skin layer every morning with a makeup removal lotion. Follow up with a nourishing lotion for dry skin. Apply a special eye-area lotion and use some of it around the mouth too. Finish with a rich super-moisturizing day cream. It will protect your skin making up for the deficiency of its secretions. Over all this you can optionally wear your usual make-up.

In the evening remove your makeup with diluted makeup remover lotion. You can use a little bit of purified water to dilute your usual one. Rub your face with a nourishing lotion and again use eye area lotion around your eyes and mouth. Finish off with a heavy, nourishing night cream.

Your skin care should be doubled in the summer because this skin type is very sensitive towards the sun. Apply generous amounts of sunscreen to all exposed areas. If you have daily sun exposure, then use a moisturizing mask and nourishing lotion each evening.

Other advice

  • Do not use alcohol containing cosmetics.

  • Do not wash your skin with soap.

  • Never stay in the sun without sufficient protection.

  • Regularly moisturize your skin with masks and hydrating solutions.

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