When a person is tired and exhausted this is sure to show on his face. Makeup is a great ally in covering up the fatigue as long as you know how to use it. It is not the quantity of makeup that will help you cover up the signs of a sleepless night, but the wise combination of colors.

For red eyes

Bloodshot eyes are a sign that you are in dire need of sleep. However if you still have a few hours of the work day to go, you will have to resort to makeup.

Skin with warm undertones

  • You can neutralize the effect of the red eyes with golden eye shadows and eye liner and/or mascara.

  • Apply blush in a sparkling champagne color around the eyes and on the cheekbones. This will open up the eyes.

  • Mocha colored shades will refresh the look of your eyes.

  • Black mascara will create contrast and the redness of your eyeballs will be neutralized.

  • Trace the lips with a pencil lip liner in chocolate color and fill in with yellowish brown lipstick. Cover with light pink gloss.

Skin with cold undertones

  • Use eye shadows and eye liner with blue undertones.

  • Apply white shadows to the eyelids just below the eyebrows.

  • Put some light gray over the lids.

  • Accentuate on the base of the lid with dark blue or gray in order to open up the eye.

  • Outline your lips with plum colored pencil lip liner and fill in with lipstick in the color of wild berries. Cover with clear lip gloss.

Avoid applying makeup in pink, violet or red tones.

For dark circles

In order to mask over the dark circles you don’t need to use double amounts of concealer, foundation and eye makeup. This will not help you hide the fatigue. It will only make you look even worse.

Instead apply a strong moisturizing lotion to the area around the eyes and follow with a thin layer of concealer (with yellow or green undertones) and foundation.

To reduce the visibility of the dark circles:

  • Pay attention to the shadows.

  • Forget about applying mascara to the lower lashes

  • Do not use the same tone of eyeliner for outlining the whole lid. Better yet, apply eyeliner only to the upper lid and the outer corner of the lower.

  • Avoid using eye shadows in peach, purple or dark tones.

Skin with warm undertones

  • Use golden tones on your upper eyelid, just below the eyebrow.

  • Apply sandy tones to your lid beneath the fold.

  • Outline the eye with warm brown or dark green eyeliner.

  • Apply brown or black mascara only to the upper lashes, because applying it to the lower lashes will only make the dark circles more visible.

  • Add a second layer of mascara only to the outer corner of your lashes in order to make the eyes look more open.

  • Highlight your lips with a light-brown lip liner and a beige gloss.

Skin with cold undertones

  • Apply cinnamon colored eye shadows below the eyebrows.

  • After that apply sandy nuances over the movable part of the lid.

  • Trace the eyes with eyeliner in black.

  • Use brown mascara for a softening effect.

  • Outline the lips with pencil lip liner in a neutral color and fill them in with a light-brown lipstick and gloss.