Maggi Healthy Soups Cream of Mushroom Review

After the huge success of noodles and sauces Maggi has now introduced wide range of healthy and tasty soups. This is one of my comfort foods. It is so easy to prepare plus the fact that my family loves it and it was good for our health. It is not even difficult to find since most local stores, groceries and malls do sell Maggi products, be it noodles that we eat or their varieties of soup.
These tasty & healthy soups are available in six delicious popular varieties
  • Rich Tomato
  • Mixed Vegetable
  • Cream of Mushroom
  • Hot & Sour Vegetable
  • Sweet Corn Vegetable
  • Creamy Spinach
What the Maggi promises 
MAGGI Healthy Soups are low fat, low cholesterol , have no added MSG, and have no ADDED preservatives and synthetic colors living up to the MAGGI promise of Taste Bhi, Health Bhi!
Price & Net wet : Rs 45/- & 43 gm
 Ingredients :
Method : 
 How it looks like : 

  • 100% natural and healthy ingredients
  • Easy to make
  • It is really cheap but the quality is really great
  • creamy and delicious 


Very frankly I don’t see any cons in Maggi  Mushroom soup.

                              BALM Rating : 4.7/5