Bengali Wedding in Delhi part - III

 This is the outfit from the third day of the wedding functions, which was the 'Gaye Halud' ceremony (Gae Halud  refers to the haldi ceremony where the turmeric paste is applied on the bride or groom at dawn and is attended by all the family members.) I wore a Yellow Jamdani Saree for haldi ceremony.

Jamdani is a very classy type of saree to choose for holud. Jamdanis are best woven in Bangladesh and Jamdani sarres for holud are just a show stopper. Gold jewellery goes very well with jamdani sarees too. 

This is one of my favorite saree. Here some pictures hope you guys like it. Let me know your views.

Saree : Jamdani from local boutique
Jewelry : Gold  

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