Top 5 Things To Do On The Last Day Of Year

The last day of a year is often quite nostalgic for me as I look back at a year that have added some happy and some sad moments to my life. However, it is also a time when people also feel confused about what to do on the last day of year.  Here are some ideas for the same.

1. Take a break from your usual routine and spend some quality time with your family doing some fun activities or just exploring some exotic places. 

2. Mostly all the restaurants, clubs and pubs are hosting a New Year's Eve party. So grab the passes, dress to kill and hit the dance floor with your friends. 

3. Another fun way to spend New Year's Eve is staying indoors with your special someone and watching some of the most romantic movies together.

4. You can also choose to go for shopping or prepare a special meal for your special someone and enjoy a candle light dinner at home.

5. Take a decision to do something that is meaningful to you and others and will make a significant difference in your life. 

Today, I shall  Pray and thank God for another wonderful year.
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