DIY Oil and yogurt face mask for wrinkle

To erase fine lines that appear on the face can try the DIY olive oil and yogurt face mask for wrinkle.

If your face looks tired and marked by time try to cuddle with wrinkle mask with yogurt and olive oil DIY. Olive oil nourishes the skin to melt, while the yogurt makes the skin soft and smooth, without greasing.

Among the ingredients of wrinkle mask DIY is the potato, starch-rich, soothing and decongestant, also good for treating skin blemishes on the face.


1 potato

1 tablespoon of white yogurt

10 drops of extra virgin olive oil


Fill a saucepan of cold water and immerse the potato. Bring to a boil and wait until the potato is soft. Remove the peel and reduce it to a puree with the help of a fork. At this point, add the yogurt and extra virgin olive oil and mix well to obtain a homogeneous mix. Apply the mask on your face and neck after cleansing the skin, and allow to work for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

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