DIY Mask for Skin and Hair Treatment

Every woman aspires to look her best. Be it their skin or hair, they are always on their toes to ensure that everything is just perfect. Especially when it comes to their skin and hair treatment. I am not an exception. I absolutely love to make DIY beauty recipes at home. The best parts of these recipes are free from side effects and are a great alternative to the time consuming and expensive salon treatments. Nowadays, like me women are opting for natural treatments.

Last weekend I made a mask. This can be used for hair and skin both. This homemade hair treatment mask only requires 3 ingredients and can do wonders for your dry skin, especially for hair.


  • Take a medium-sized apple and mash until smooth.
  • Add in 3 tablespoons of fresh Aloe-Vera gel and mix well.
  • Now mix green tea with this mixture
  • Apply to dry or slightly damp hair and leave on for 40-45 minutes.
  • As well as apply about 1 Tablespoons of the mixture to your clean face and neck, leave on for 20 minutes. 
  • For face and neck clean with plan water and for hair rinse well follow with shampoo and conditioner if desired.
 How the mask look like
 Additional Tips:
  1.  Use this mask for all skin and hair type
  2. This is also a great scalp treatment so feel free to massage it directly onto your scalp.
  3. The mask is much more effective on dry skin.
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Benefits of the ingredients used:

Apple for skin:
Apple fruit has the potential to lighten, brighten and soothe your skin. Apple hydrates as well as cleanses your skin. Apple is a great anti-ageing mask to lift the dull and wrinkled skin. One more points I want add that it contains UVB defending particles that can provide extra protection from sun’s rays.  

Apple for Hair:
Long and glossy locks are everyone’s desire and apple fruit makes your desire come true because it contains a compound called procynidin B-2 which stimulates hair growth as well as thickens your hair. The presence of soluble fiber, phenolic compounds in apple skin, antioxidants and vitamins which can Prevents Hair Loss.
Aloe Vera for Skin:
Aloe Vera gel has immense beauty benefits. Aloe Vera helps to reduce dark spots and blemishes on face. It’s also help to heal acne and acne scars.
Aloe Vera for Hair:
When used in hair, Aloe Vera provides nourishment, prevent excess oiliness, eliminate dandruff, encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Green tea for skin:

Green tea is one of my best natural beauty ingredient. Green tea has many benefits to the health of the skin, and hair, it contains the most antioxidants, which prevent many skin problems.
Green tea for Hair:

Green tea is useful in growth of hair follicles because it contains a high content of catechins, which converts testosterone to the hormone 'Dihydrotestosterone' DHT. This hormone causes the short life of the hair. The green tea increases the rate of blood flow to the scalp, thus increasing rates of nutrition received by the hair and scalp, which helps greatly in preventing hair loss, and contains vitamin E, vitamin C, known to their capacities to stimulate hair growth.

All in all, the hair treatment left my hair very soft, smooth, and extra glossy. The last 5 days I've noticed that the mask reduce my hair fall. And a part from face mask it made my skin significantly softer and smoother. This mask is really very simple to make and effective as well. So must try this at home and see the result.

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