Outsmart Weight Loss Success Story: Beating Diabetes through Weight Loss

Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases in the world, where every third person is diagnosed with it. Where the majority of people develop this disease because of family heredity, other people are getting rolled in it because of their irregular unhealthy diet, hectic daily routine without enough sleep and lack of physical activity. This new generation seems to be living like sloths, who just don’t want to indulge in any outdoor activities.
Diabetes is basically divided into two categories Type I, which is caused due to lack of Insulin and Type II, which opposes the action of insulin.
Managing Diabetes
Exercise and a healthy diet are the only permanent solution to battle this chronic disease. Today 25% of the total diabetic population is under 20 years old. Obesity is yet another reason which has resulted in increasing this number.
VLCC offers dozens of weight management programs, that promote healthy lifestyle filled with a combination of nutritional diet and regular exercise.
How VLCC Helped My Friend’s Son
My friend had the first experience with VLCC and I have come out of the organization becoming a fan. Like any mother, my friend too hates and blame technology for bringing these rectangular evil boxes in our lives. No matter how much my friend and her husband, encouraged their son to join any extracurricular activity of institutes like dance or sports, he was stuck on play videos games either on play station or mobile phones. He started gaining weight when he was 12 and we never focused there and became overweight.
He was diagnosed with sugar when he was 16, during a yearly checkup. His sugar levels were above 400 and we couldn’t the situation. There is no diabetic history in both their families, but here was the bitter fact - kid diagnosed with it. This stressed us and we all pushed him toward the gym. So much so he started isolating and getting frustrated. However it didn’t help our case and he continued to gain weight despite, the exercise and the diets.
Then I read about VLCC’s DNA Slimming program, as impressed by it details implications I didn’t wait for a second and discussed with my friend. It took a little convincing with my friend to get him enrolled. And we were able to see evident changes in him within a month. He didn’t feel stressed about exercising anymore he was rather excited about his sessions. VLCC’s DNA SLIMTM goes a step beyond by factoring in the impact of one unique DNA in the weight loss process, for prescribing the most effective diet and exercise regime.
Today he is healthy and manages his medications on his own; it took only a year with VLCC to transform the kid into a healthier lifestyle.
VLCC has a specialized team which consists of every medical field, from psychologists to physicians to nutritionists. This is what ensured me that my nephew is going to stay safe during this program.
I believe it is worthwhile to have a counseling session from VLCC experts if any of you has weight loss issue.
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