Review // Raw Rituals Green Tea Under Eye Cream

Detail Product Information:
Name: Raw Rituals Green Tea Under Eye Cream
Price:  Rs. 300/-
Quantity: 10 gm
Shelf life: 1 years from the date of manufacturing

Product Claims:

Raw Rituals Under eye cream is infused with Green Tea & Arabica coffee beans so as to speed up the healing process of the skin. This gentle yet wonderful cream will help reduce puffiness, redness and dark circles around the eyes, as well as refresh and reduce wrinkles! Blueberry; especially for eyes, helps circulation, high in antioxidants, reduces redness, tones and rejuvenates skin. Argan oil; reduces puffiness, Rosehip seed oil rehydrates the skin and helps in cell regeneration whereas cucumber oils soothe and calm eye area.     

Key Ingredients:

Green tea, Arabica coffee beans, Blueberry, Argan oil, Rosehip seed oil and cucumber oils.

Benefits of Tea under Eye Cream:
  • Natural Oils for the under eye skin
  • Keeps skin soft and smooth
  • Helps in reducing puffiness, dark circles, and fine wrinkles
  • Hydrates the delicate skin under your eyes

As I always do first I looked into ingredients. What I saw is sign “100% natural, Chemicals and preservatives free"! Wow! I already love it! :) Nowadays I am very into cruelty-free cosmetics. List of ingredients is not too long; some of them are high-quality stuff like organic green tea or Arabica coffee beans or even essential oils etc. These all really sounds good for under eye cream. Now coming to the point packaging, texture, and consistency.   

The packaging is really cute. Due to the tiny size and tight cap, it can be easily carried around in a bag. But pot type packaging for eye cream not hygienic. Dipping your fingers into the tub isn’t the most sanitary (however, ensure that your hands are clean before use).

The texture of the eye cream is smooth and creamy.  The consistency of the product is a little thick and initially, it gives you a bit heavy and sticky feeling but it soaks into the skin quite fast. Skin stays moisturized and soft. 


I've been using this eye cream this past 2 months and I must say I am very happy with it so far. 

  1. It hydrated the under eye dry skin
  2. It also lightened dark circles
  3. To some extent, it helps in reducing fine wrinkles too
  4. Perfect for normal all types of skin
  5. 100% natural, Chemicals and preservatives free
  6. Cruelty Free
  7. Product contain effective ingredients
  1.  I don’t like the smell
  2. Packaging is unhygienic  

Overall, Raw Rituals Green Tea Under Eye Cream is an effective product that helps to keep my eye area quite moisturized which I noticed next morning. It thick, creamy formula perfect for dry eye areas that not irritate me. During application, it seems bit heavy, sticky and looks quite oily. With proper eye massage, this heavy textured cream melts and gets absorbed in under eye skin within minutes. My eye area skin stays moisturized and soft. 

BALM Rating: 4.7/5

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  1. Yet to try this brand.. Thanks for sharing ur review about this product :)

  2. The color looks so yummy. Lovely post.

  3. Nice review , the product seems good in affordable range :-)

  4. New brand for me but the product seems great.. Will try for sure...

  5. Cream that works is best 😍 great to see your views

  6. i am on a look out for under eye creme will keep this in my mind

  7. This is on my wishlist. I have severe under eyes ☹️

  8. It looks thick but I'd really appreciate something that could lighten my dark circles :| :|

  9. I need to try out this under eye cream, very nice review ☺☺

  10. this eye cream is really promising and I completely believe it...because two of its main ingredients are at my home right now...argan oil and rosehip oil..I apply the blend each and every night...and I feel happy to say that my skin has become glowy...smooth...supple.and.scar works.:))...thank you for this bneautiful review dear...:))

  11. I used this under eye cream more than a year ago and agree that it softens the skin underneath (but that is nothing I think to write home about. Every cream does that 😂)

    It takes time to fade dark circles and maybe that's why, a lot many people would question its claims after devoting a few months. In some cases, I've noted (family members) it didn't work too. So, somehwhere it's not a holy grail product IMO but a decent purchase for someone with mil dark circles.

    Anyway, glad to know it worked for you, Anamika 🙌

  12. quite expensive ... hope as the price it will be effective on my under eye circles ..... but like the ingredients list ... wish packaging would be tube type..

  13. My dark circles are super deep. Do you think I could give this a shot?

  14. Good review.. the packaging should really have been in a tube, for hygienic purpose!

  15. Seems a good product for zombie moms like me 😀

  16. Eye exercises... sounds a little strange doesn't it but if done correctly, it can help to provide good blood flow to the skin around the eye area and make it softer and supple.How to get rid of bags under eyes

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    Cream as I recently came across the aminogenesis eye control reviews which helps me in fighting anti-aging