15 different types of Diwali lights and lamps with decoration ideas

15 different types of Diwali lights and lamps with decoration ideas

Diwali is the biggest and most important festival in India. Diwali is also the festival of lights. People used to decorate their homes, doors, and windows by different lights and diyas. Here are some ideas that can help you to decorate your house during Diwali.

1. Decorate with Diya: This is most common decoration idea. Take the earthen lamps and add paints and glitter on it. Decorate them as you like and light up your house with them. 

2. Decorate with paper lanterns: This may be an old idea but still, the look they impart is very nice. You can do a lot of experiment with this unique décor idea with a paper lantern.

3. Decorate with disco light mini lamp: This will lighten up your rooms like disco lights which can be a great ambiance for the festival celebration.

4. Decorate with electric Diya: If you want to avoid the flame of an original Diya then go for this type of electric Diya. The looks will be similar to original but this is basically an electric Diya. It will be a great decoration if you can put this in your house during Diwali.

5. Decorate with LED Om light:“Om” is considered auspicious for all Hindu people. You can fix this type of LED lights near the puja area. This OM lights will surely be adored by all your visitor.

6. Decorate with book lampshade: You can also decorate with books and lamp shed.  This can be a perfect and unique decorating idea with minimum effort.

7. Decorate with LED light candles: You can decorate with LED light candles. These will look like typical Diya’s and give you the Diwali feel. These LED Diya’s are much safer than traditional Diya’s.

8. Decorate with LED strip light: You can use LED strip light for decoration. These lights are available in broad range of colors, shapes, and length. You can choose as per your requirement and budget. Another plus point it consumes less energy.

9. Decorate with floating candles: Take a big bowl or pot which has a wide opening. Fill some water on it and put some floating candles on it. Place the pot just beside the entrance of your home. You can also add some decorative items on it.

10. Decorate with egg carton lamps: You can be a little bit innovative by using an old egg carton with some lamps. Also, add some paint and color on the egg carton to make it more colorful.

11. Decorate with rope toron light: This is very common and ideal for any festivals. You can use this rope toron for both indoor and outdoor. It can also be hung over the window, door entrance or any other places.

12. Decorate with seashell lights: Another brilliant and innovative idea is to use seashell with some light for decoration. Make a chain of seashell lights and hang them on the wall.

13. Decorate with fruity candles: Make candles in fruit peels like orange or watermelon to have a natural, innovative and smelling environment. Your guest will be surprised after seeing your innovation power!!

14. Decorate with broken teacups as candle holder: Use your broken teacups or old household as a candle holder and show your power of imagination for decoration. This is an exclusive and innovative wat to prepare candle holder.

15. Decorate with glass bottle: Another idea is to use your old glass bottle for decoration purpose. Put some color outside and place a lamp inside, that’s all. 

These are some unique and innovative idea for Diwali decoration. Apart from this, you can also try some new idea which can suit your requirement and budget.

Have a safe and prosperous Happy Diwali.

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