Timeless Pieces to Buy

Timeless Pieces to Buy

We are living in the golden age of fast fashion. With every new season, fashion designers set new trends that find their way into our closets, even if it is for just one season. However, even with all the different trends that come and go, some things are absolutely timeless, no matter the current trends. Here are the pieces you definitely should have in your closet, if you want to be ready for any occasion:

Classic Shoes

The myth that every woman needs to have a million pairs of shoes have been around for far too long, and in reality, having too many shoes can often lead to us buying low-quality pairs that are neither healthy nor really comfortable. Focus on getting good quality shoes that match your lifestyle and your surroundings. If you work in a professional environment you should invest in good, professional flats, heels and court shoes. On the other hand, if you live in a hotter climate, invest in good sandals for different occasions. If you are unsure which color to get, go for black, since it goes well with nearly everything and if you get them scuffed or dirty, it won’t show as much as it would on white.

A Stylish Co-ord

Having a go-to combination, whether it’s a set or you matched the pieces yourself, will make your life so much easier. Make sure you get one that has multiple layers, so that you can adjust it to any weather, and that is modest enough so you can wear it to meetings, weddings, birthday parties and family dinners. Pick a long-lasting material, and opt for a print that is bold but neutral.

A Little Black Dress

When we think of timeless, classic pieces, the first thing that comes into anyone’s mind is the famous little black dress. And sure enough, the little black dress is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the “little” in the name means that it needs to be a mini-dress. In fact, if you opt for a midi length or even for something like a jumpsuit, you will be able to wear the piece even more. Choose a flattering fit dress like Maticevski cocktail dress that makes you feel comfortable because chances are – you will be wearing it a lot.

A High-Quality Bag

We learn very early in life just how important it is to have a good, reliable bag. They are essential to our everyday lives, and unless you are always wearing safari pants with a thousand pockets, chances are you have more than one bag lying around. But what is a good, timeless bag? For starters, it is something that is practical. For some, this might mean a backpack, or even a convertible bag, while for others it means a large tote with multiple compartments. If it’s too difficult for you to decide on the one you want in the store, you can ask for recommendations and buy designer bags online. What you should look for in a bag is sturdiness, quality, and the cost-use ration. Don’t feel bad investing in a high-quality everyday bad, because it will serve you for years to come, and will definitely pay itself off!

Top your wardrobe off with a really good coat, because a good outfit can be completely ruined by the wrong coat, and choose a few precious jewelry pieces to be your go-to for completing each outfit. If you are currently lacking any of the things mentioned, they should be on the top of your priority list, because you will feel a lot more prepared and ready to face anything life throws your way when rocking a killer outfit.

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