Decor Ideas to Brighten up your Home in Diwali

Decor Ideas to Brighten up your Home in Diwali:


Diwali is around the corner and you must be indulged in the preparation. Here are some innovative ideas that would help you to brighten up your home during Diwali. Begin by cleaning your house. You can clean your house part by part without hurting your back. 

1. Decorate the entrance of your house:

The entrance door is the focal point of the house. So you must put more attention to decorate your entrance to get an instant attention from your guest. There are many ways to decorate the entrance during Diwali.

(a) Create a gorgeous entrance by putting some fresh flowers as a door hanging.
(b) You can also put some embroidery, mirrors or bells along with the door hanging.
(c) Lift the entrance by hanging some paper lanterns from the door arch.
(d) Put some colorful diyas on the floor of the entrance.

2. Decorate the Interior of your House:

Lot of things you can do to decorate the interiors of your house to get a stunning look. Here are some lists which you can achieve easily:

(a) Walls: Use wall rugs and old colorful saris to decorate the walls. You can use colorful scarfs, dupatta or chrunis or any other material which may match with the theme of decoration. Finally, you can add some flowers or ribbons on it to get the ultimate touches.

(b) Curtains: Curtains plays an important role on every home décor list. It’s not just about privacy, these are also a great way to add an artistic element to your decor. Hang candle lights at different heights to add ethnicity of your room.

(c) Cushion Cover: Change your Cushion cover during this Diwali to bring an outstanding look in your living room. Bright silk cushion covers will certainly enlighten your room. You can also play with cream, white or gold color. 

(d) Table Cover or Table runner: Once you have selected your color theme, go for the table covers or table runners in those colors. You can also manage by using your old colorful dupatta or saree.
(e) Wall Art:  Wall is also a part where you can put something special. You can fix some wall art like photos or painting of gods and goddess on the wall to create a spiritual environment.

(f) Rugs: Rugs is another important element for home décor. Without colorful rugs, you will not get that depth of decoration only from furniture.  Choose the color according to your color theme of your decoration.

(g) Bed sheet: You have already taken care of your main entrance, Living room, and dining room. But what about your bedroom? Do something so that the festive spirit can also touch your bedroom. Get a good color combination bedsheet just to add some more glitter on your bedroom.

3. Light it up:  

Diwali decoration is incomplete without lights. So decorate your house with some interesting colorful Diyas, candles. You can decorate normal candles with some glitters or flowers. Put them in a glass. Also, prepare some creative flower Rangoli on the floor to catch the eyes of your guest. 

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Lastly, use some incense sticks with some nice aroma to add good fragrances inside your house.

So this Diwali brightens your home with all these ideas. Enjoy a happy safe and prosperous Diwali….. HAPPY DIWALI!

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  1. Main door ka decoration kitna accha hai, main bhi flowers n diya n rangoli se decoration karti hu 😊
    Thanks for sharing 😊


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