Top Saree Styles to Walk you Through Monsoon Parties in Style!

Rainy season doesn’t have to cloud the fashionable you! This is why when your friends are throwing a party, show up in the best of saree styles that we have specially curated for you! These saree styles are perfect for a social and casual appearance. At times when you need to make a grand entry and look like a million bucks, these gorgeous saree styles will give the traditional chic a contemporary makeover! So, what are you waiting for? Read on and score your A-game this monsoon with the BharatSthali pattu silk saree!

Why a saree?

Because nobody can forget Raveena Tandon in the ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ or Sridevi in Mr. India’s ‘I Love You!’ Monsoon is best spent in a saree, jumping in the puddle and enjoying the occasional drench! Here’s some inspiration to help you ace the monsoon style in a saree!
It is a dhoti! It is a saree!

Want the world to forget the Raveena Tandon without pushing the comfort and freedom to the sideline? Take the cue from the Maharashtrian style of draping a saree and wear it over legging or tights. The light fabrics such as cotton-silk, soft silk, georgette, cotton, and linen are perfect to drape a saree like this. Lighter fabrics are easier to maintain in the monsoon season too! A win-win, don’t you agree?

Go for a jacket!

The rains can bring a little dip in the weather with them. Your sensuous barely-there cholis can also be the cause of embarrassment when you didn’t plan to get drenched. So, is there a way out? What if we tell you that you can wear a jacket over the saree and still look like the diva you are!
Wear a boyfriend blazer or a formal coat-jacket to work to be the boss lady at work or wear a denim jacket to waltz through the lanes in style. No more nip shows or shivers in the rains!

Belt out some sexiness!

Keeping your saree in place doesn’t have to be rocket science. It is as simple as holding a pant to the waist, with a belt! So, now when you would like to jump in the puddle of water or feel like being a little playful, you don’t have to worry about the saree coming undone!

Rock it like the Assamese!

Assamese folks ace the fashion game like no other! Be it the traditional chic or a modern diva, they know how to dress up and look swashbuckling while at it! The Assamese silk is an ethereal silk variety and very famous for its iridescent sheen. When draped as Mekhla, the Assamese silk look even better and more charming! Mekhla is the traditional saree-dress that is stitched like a skirt yet don like a saree. The Mekhla gives you immense freedom and is versatile. Easy to wear you can just slide it on like a skirt! The drawstring makes the saree extremely flexible and versatile, as you can wear it on any occasion!

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