Pampers New Baby Diapers for New Born ll Review

Diapers are one of the first things and one of the most important things you'll need for your bundle of joy. I am sure like me you all must be searching for the best diaper that will suit your baby.  I have never reviewed diapers before where I have been using diapers for the last two and a half years for my son. Now I used them only while he going out and for bedtime. These days I'm also buying diapers for my newborn baby girl. I kept her on diapers almost all the day actually she is pretty small so I didn’t want her to get cold and feel wet every time that also spoilt her sleep as well. Recently, I bought different types of diapers from different bands for my little girl. One of them is Pampers which I have tried for her first time. 

Detail Product Information:
Name: Pampers New Baby Diapers for New Born 
Type: Diapers for New Born 
Price: ₹ 284/-
Quantity: 24 Count

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What Pampers New Baby Diapers for New Born Claims:

5 Star Skin Protection: The Best tape style diapers from Pampers, with an outer layer of cotton-like softness, this baby diaper provides intense care to your baby's sensitive skin and protects it effectively from friction rash and redness. These soft and comfort fitting diapers with stretchable sides are best for your baby's rest and playtime. The diaper's fastening tape sticks multiple times thus ensuring it stays in place even after you fasten it after checking your baby's diaper. Protection and nourishment of your baby's skin are taken care of with extracts of moisturizing Aloe Vera lotion, characteristic of these best baby diapers. These diapers are ultra-thin, thanks to the absorbent gel material (AGM), commonly known as Magic Gel. This magic gel core of Pampers diapers is highly effective in absorbing frequent wetness. Naturally, your baby's skin remains dry for upto12 hours, now no more frequent diaper changing or blow leaks for your little angel.

Key Feature of Pampers New Baby Diapers for New Born :

  • 5 Star Skin Protection for New Born: Best newborn tape style diaper for newborn baby's delicate skin
  • Cotton-like-softness: Made from ultra soft material
  • Wetness indicator: Turns blue to show when your baby wets his/her diaper
  • Up to 12 hours of dryness with pampers magic gel technology
  • Baby Lotion: Infused with mild lotion to help protect baby's delicate skin from irritation

My Opinion:

The diapers are quite thin and soft, which makes it easy to conform to the shape of baby’s butt and that doesn’t irritate the baby. The absorbency and dryness of diapers are good, which helps to prevent rashes. You need to change 4-5 diapers per day to keep your baby's skin dry. I prefer tape diapers for a newborn than panty style, because you can adjust band as per your need. Fitting the diaper on the baby is also very easy. This doesn’t have any fragrance that ensures total safety even for newborns.

An important feature of diapers, in my opinion, is the fit, as it prevents leakages, and also, will not leave as much red marks on baby’s sensitive skin as we do not need to wrap the diapers around baby too tightly for fear of leakages. Pampers New Baby Diapers are as soft like as cotton that has magic gel which absorbs pee and keeps the skin dry. Pampers New Baby Diapers for New Born performed really well and they are definitely worth trying. Just my suggestion before buying any diapers select the reputed seller or dealer.  There are many duplicate Diapers are available in the market.

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