bridging the gap between Artists & Art Collectors for Indian Paintings

India is considered a country that is rich in culture and heritage. Indian art is world renowned & unique, and that is the primary reason why it appeals to the global audience as well. The history of Indian paintings can be predated to prehistoric times, some of the oldest rock paintings at Bimbetka are around 30000 years old*. Indian artwork and Indian Painting has been an integral part of India’s cultural evolution. It has grown from a religious perspective to a fusion depicting a lot of cultures and traditions e.g. Buddhist paintings, Mughal era paintings, landscape paintings, conceptual paintings, abstract paintings, wildlife & nature paintings etc.

Each one of us would value, as well as appreciate the beauty of art and want to encourage artists so that their artwork painting can reach the right audience. This category can be broadly termed as ‘Art Lovers’. However, there is another set of audience briefly termed as ‘Art Collectors’ who obviously love & value art, but also have in-depth knowledge in cultural heritage, fine eye to details in arts & paintings and many other top qualities that are unique to them. Due to the advent of the Internet and rapid globalization, the art world is also undergoing a major change and has become an increasingly globalized affair with collectors from all over the world. Artists and art collectors are becoming savvier and are now relying more on digital medium for art sale & art collection respectively. For an art lover, what matters more is the authenticity of the art/painting than the monetary value of the same and hence, there was a need to connect them with ‘genuine artists’ from all over India. was founded to simplify art discovery and provide a platform to talented & aspiring artists to make a mark in the highly competitive & flourishing art industry. On, artwork quality is checked & verified by their panel of artists. For any website (online platform) targeting Art lovers and Art Collectors, the core USP of the same would be the collection of original paintings & drawings, artists signed up with them, founding team behind the platform, return/refund policy, etc. can be ranked extremely high when these points are considered as they have an exclusive collection of 15,000+ original paintings and drawings, with more than 35,000+ global artists signed up with them. The core team behind not only has an operational & technical expertise but also has artists that understand the nuances of art and maintaining a relationship with artists.

For an art collector, can be a one-stop destination for all their art collection needs. The broad categories of paintings available on the platform are
  • Tanjore
  • Islamic Calligraphy
  • Contemporary
  • Still life
  • Folk art
  • Buddha
  • Cityscape
  • Kerala murals
  • Madhubani
  • Kalighat and more

All the paintings available on are 100% handmade, quality checked and made with the very superior material. For art collectors who are wary to use the online mode for art collection; lists in-depth information about the artist behind the artwork in the form of biographies, his/her primary & secondary art skills, gallery guides, etc. By following such an approach, is able to break the mindset barrier in the art lovers when they using online medium for the art collection. For artists, it provides a medium where their work will not only fetch the right value but would also reach a massive audience and an excellent opportunity to learn from other talented artists. A normal buyer who falls in the ‘Art Lover’ category can also use to select paintings, drawings, wall stencils, etc. for the decoration of home/office walls.

The authentic & verified artwork was never so easily accessible but with, art collectors & art lovers now have access to their work on the click of a button!

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