Why ‘Air Purifiers’ are the need of the hour

There is a common saying - Health is Wealth and good health does not apply to our physical fitness but also mental well-being. In order to achieve the state of good health, many people start their mornings with green tea or other healthy options; the way you start your day defines the proceedings of the remaining day. Performing Yoga, going for an early morning walk, or following a rigorous exercise schedule are some of the ways in which people try to stay physically active. Health conscious people even opt for meals that are low in calories, less in cholesterol. In a nutshell, we try every option in the book to stay fit, healthy and active. However, the luxury of breathing fresh air, consuming fresh water, etc. when a person is outside is not guaranteed since these factors are not under our control. Lately due to increasing pollution levels, impurities in the air have increased by a huge margin making it unsuitable for breathing. When a person is indoors, he can breathe a sigh of fresh air by opting for air cleaner or air purifier.

The primary difference between an air purifier and air cleaner is that most air cleaners have a fan that makes a huge amount of noise. Filters used in air cleaners are expensive to purchase, but the upside is that air cleaner collects dust, thereby filtering the air in your house. On the other hand, air purifiers use HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) technology in order to kill airborne germs that cause sickness and allergies. Unlike air filters, air purifiers make less/no noise. They are more economical since they are less expensive in terms of operation. The downside of an air purifier is that it filters little or no dust particles, but sanitizes the air in the room that causes bad odors. Depending on the requirements, you can opt for either an Air Purifier or Air Filter.

More & more families are now treating ‘air purification’ as a necessity, rather than a luxury and brands are taking every step to educate the consumers who are not aware about the importance of air purification. Nowadays many car owners turn on the Air Conditioner (AC) in order to beat the air-pollution, but constant inhalation of that air might cause other problems. This is where the air purifier for a car can come handy since it purifies that air as well. In India, consumers can now buy air purifier online in the comfort of your homes. The major advantage of the online channel is that you can opt for a demo at your house before purchasing the product.

LivPure is one brand that brings resonance when you think about anything related to ‘purification’ i.e. either air purification or water purification. They have a range of products in the ‘Home’ and ‘Car’ air purifier categories. Smart O2 580 air purifier brings all the smartness to air purifiers since it has Wi-Fi and has a five-stage filtration that is suitable for 750 square feet area. There are many other products in a different price range so that can they cater to the needs of customers across different segments. Car air purifiers from LivPure remove the entire odor in the car so that you can breathe fresh air during your journey.

Air Purification is not a luxury and it is time you take a call now in order to safeguard the future of your loved ones!

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  1. Air purifiers must ho gaye hain kyunki itna pollution hai ki saans lena mushkil hai
    Thanks ki aapne itne detail me air cleaner n air purifier ka difference samjhaya 👍👍