The rituals of planning and decorating for the holidays make this my favorite time of the year. Christmas gives the best gift to each and everybody. Let’s recreate my favorite memories each year. The delicious smell of cookies as well as in the kitchen spread in the surrounding in the festive season makes it joyous. The perfect joy of wrapping presents, especially when we know it's the perfect gift for everyone. Getting out the ornaments that have been decorating trees for generations! This year adding a bit of beauty to the decor.

1. Fill your home with the golden glow

Creating a pretty welcome ambience for the holidays can be super simple and easily achieved. By choosing golden lights on your tree, garland, and more, you are instantly setting the mood for festivities while crafting a cozy atmosphere.

2. Attractive Dinner  Table

The dinner table should be very attractive with the lights, candles and it can be easily decorated with some handmade pomp-pomp. Dress up for the dinner party with lush garland, silver candle holders, and wood chargers. Adding each setting with gold flatware and a cinnamon stick looks pretty gorgeous.

3. Make White your Base Colour.

As it is Christmas the base colour have to be white or you can choose any depends upon the choices you have. But the while snowy base would glow up the Christmas tree. A white fur or the tree dressing, white walls, and plenty of fake snow make for a wintery wonderland and make the bold pops of red even more dazzling.

4. Decorate every Cranny

Every nook and the corners should be decorated well as it will look tremendous. Let the festivities overflow into every part of the house even we cannot find the one. Make sure you get in the holiday spirit the second you walk in the door, with evergreen clippings, pine cones, and a cozy hanging blanket.            

5. Modern Ornaments

Use modern ornaments like various handmade pomp-pomp, golden ornaments, and geometric designs. It will look decent and in the festive it looks super cute and innovative. Also, it can be decorated with the white or the red stars depend upon the base you choose.

6. Line your staircase with presents

Why to spend all that time on wrapping gifts (which we enjoy hehe)to perfection if you aren't going to show them off? Line your staircase with presents in various fun patterns for a simple but chic decor idea as well as it looks good.


7. Artificial trees

A real tree leaves a mess in your living room don’t get feel married to it. Besides, artificial trees often have wires that are easy to curve and bend to better hold ornaments or we can make that part a bit bold enough to carry things. Miss the scent of pine? A few scented candles hanging should do the job.

8. Add Sparkle

Deviate from the norm when it comes to hanging your outdoor lights. Try draping them around trellis, birdbaths and other landscaping features to illuminate your yard not just your house. (If you live in a warm climate that is cold affecting areas, this also makes for pretty outdoor entertaining.)

9. Use as much as Green Décor

If Surrounding would be green it looks super classy as well as attractive. These make for an elegant statement on any door and you can add some great glass pieces or ornaments to really make it gleam. For holiday decorating, I love incorporating natural elements that are surrounded, lights (candles or simple Christmas lights) and a little gold.

10. Little Quirk

Little quirk should be added in the festive season. In the Festive season like in the Christmas it can be paired it up with the any of the above the table. One thing I do which always steal the conversation is hanging ornaments from my chandeliers.

Author: Rizvi Zaveri

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