End the year in Bali with travel plans that actually helps save money!

End the year in Bali with travel plans that actually helps save money!

It’s Christmas and New Year around the corner, it’s the perfect time to complete uncompromised wanderlust. Ensuring a trip can save travelers from huge financial losses when the unexpected happens, but many take the risk rather than adding the expense of an insurance policy. If we had to claim on the travel insurance multiple times in the course of voyaging for ten years. To take off without travel insurance truly is a big mistake – in the long run, something will go wrong and if in the course you haven’t got travel protection you can wind up in an unfortunate financial trouble. But a travel insurance can help you save money for the end trip to Bali by choosing the level of cover right, considering best and multi-trip policy. Along with the insurance, there are few platforms which help you upgrade your travel plans. Which will be flexible re-payment, Cost champion. With these platforms, travel isn’t a restricted luxury anymore.

There are few players which help us provide the best travel plans for a trip this year.

Greenlife Insurance Broking Limited (GIBL)

This year Bali can be a step away if while we can avail the travel insurance. GIBL overs Individual travel as well as family travel insurance policies which offers a cushion to individual travelers or shield your family from financial losses due to a range of untoward events while traveling abroad. The best thing about the policy being in the available plans on GIBL.IN and can buy the best policy in just 10 minutes even at the eleventh hour.


Travelling is an amazing experience & fun to cope up with stress & depression. While spending quality time with friends & family on a vacation, you live many key moments and collect unforgettable memories forever. Whether planning to travel for a business trip, enjoying vacation either with family or close friends or studying abroad, it's highly recommended to buy travel insurance plan to take care of risks or losses that might occur during the trip. Policy Bazaar helps you buy a multi-trip policy as well as group travel insurance and single travel insurance also in the meantime.


LoanTap brings compelling reasons to make holiday plans now, rather than postponing it for funding from savings. Gone are the days when we used to save in advance to spend on our dream holidays.

Holiday loans provide customer ease of loan repayment. This loan permits the customer to pay only interest payment for the first three months and then followed by EMIs.  It has been designed to provide the customer with necessary time to settle financially post incurring huge travel expenses.  Loan amount ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 Lakhs, loan tenure of 12 months.

Entire loan processing and disbursement process take 24 to 36 working hours.
Holiday loan covers all kind of expenses involved in travel- domestic or international.


Travelling is no longer a restricted luxury. And with MoneyTap’s line of credit that can be used as a travel loan, Bali can be the destination, and off you can go! Travel loans allow young professionals to explore the world without the burden of a large upfront investment. Travel loans allow individuals to borrow a bulk amount and then pay the amount back in a stipulated time period. The advantage of taking a travel loan from is that the loan amount gets processed quickly and which involves minimal paperwork and allow youngsters to visit more expensive places, explore better-staying options and since the amount doesn’t need to be paid up front, so there is a reserve for shopping too. 

The benefit being you need to pay interest only on the amount used, the credit card lets you withdraw 100% cash in one go or you can swipe it as many times as you want to.

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