Kid-Friendly Chores: Teach your Son to Fold the cloths #ShareTheLoad

Kid-Friendly Chores: Teach your Son to Fold the cloths 


In our society, most of the mothers never really taught their sons how to do laundry and folding the clothes.  She never feels the necessity of explaining the process,  of washing, drying, and folding own laundry even by the age of 18 years; when he lived at home. They learned these things on compulsion when they went to a hostel for higher study.  I’m sure at the beginning boys didn’t really have the ideas about how to remove certain stains, what temperature is best for certain clothes, the importance of separating clothes by color or fabric, and so on. I am a firm believer in teaching son's to do chores around the house which really ultimately helps to reduce frustration and exhaustion of each and every son. 

Anyways, every time a child has to work, it is according to his age. At this age of 2 or 3-year, one can really start to become helpful around the house. And the best part is that kids at this age are actually eager to help you with anything. So we should encourage them. Like when I was doing the folding of clothes, my son Rohinish comes to me and expresses his willingness to help me. We might think our child is too young to do that. But our kids may be more capable than what we think about. First I show him how to fold the cloths step by step. Next, let him free to do it. I usually give him to fold his tees, socks, handkerchief, etc. My 3-year-old  tried his best to get his clothes folded quite tidily on the first try but he could not. I praise him that you're going right away! That really encourages him while he folding the cloths. I still remember when he was around 1.5 years old he used to play with all washcloths and mess the room. And now he comes to help me. It's a big deal to me.

Tips: How to encourage your son to help with laundry:
  1. sort out dirty clothes by color and size,
  2. hand over the clothes to mom to put in the washing machine,
  3. transferring clothes from the washing machine into a laundry basket
  4. folding the socks and washcloths.
  5. Sort out a sibling's or other's clothes into another pile.
I believe that doing household chores at young ages teach those responsibilities, give them a feeling of importance, and helps them build up gratitude and appreciation for what we as parents do and that lead to understanding how important it is to participate in taking care of the home.

 ‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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