How To Be The Ultimate Maid Of Honour

How To Be The Ultimate Maid Of Honour 

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As the bride’s right-hand woman, you have some responsibility to live up to. As a best friend and possibly life-long buddy, you no doubt want to give your absolute best so your friend enjoys the wedding day to the fullest degree possible. 

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How To Be The Best Maid Of Honour 

Congratulations! You have been chosen to be the bride’s maid of honour. The part you will play is huge and will contribute to her enjoyment and the happy memories she will have in one of the biggest days in her life. Your contribution will be special, so use the below points to your advantage and start putting them in place to be an awesome maid of honour. 

1. Keep enthusiasm up -

Your energy is a huge part of the whole planning process and the big day. Be enthusiastic when discussing the details such as themes, decorations, and colour matching. You want to show you are willing to help her with the dress, cake choices and much more. The bride may become overwhelmed and often stressed out with all the details, so keeping her head on the ground and reminding her to enjoy the process is crucial. 

2. Be there for her -

As we said, you are her right-hand lady and you will be there to talk her down when the nerves are getting to her. Being there to talk to her and help her with the nitty-gritty of wedding planning will go a long way. 
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3. Be honest and diplomatic - 

You will want to ensure you remain in charge of what you are meant to be in charge of throughout the planning process. Display your assertiveness as and when need be and don’t be afraid to step-up in discussions and meetings with the bridesmaids. At the same time, when things crop up you will want to give those gentle reminders to keep things in place and ticking over nicely. 

4. Free up some time -

If you are always busy, you will miss out on a lot of the fun of the wedding planning and celebration. Ensure you have enough time to spend with the bridesmaids and bride herself to guarantee things get done and you have fun whilst doing it!

5. Plan an amazing hen party - 

You will know the bride better than most around her. Of course, include her into the ideas process, but step up completely to the role; you should be taking reigns on arranging the best hen night for her and the bridesmaids.   
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As you can see, there is plenty you can do to step up and be the most awesome maid of honour ever. Putting these into place will ensure she has the most amazing day and eases some of the pressure so she can focus on having fun and completely enjoying the wedding. 

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