This Sunday We Organised Our Wardrobe #ShareTheLoad

This Sunday We Organised Our Wardrobe #ShareTheLoad

Parenting begins, from the time a baby is born. As they grow first, getting the kid involved in age-appropriate chores helps them understand important life-skills and lessons. These life skills are important as children grow, they feel more confident in their future life. Our goal as a parent is to do our best for children to secure their future. 

Kids learn by doing. So it is also important that children learn some life skills from their everyday activities. So we can start from this household chores. Many parents feel guilty of making their boys do household chores but never realize they learn so much via these basic skills. Not only do they feel important, helpful but also responsible.

Recently, Ariel started this initiative of sons sharing a load of their moms by helping in their house chores, when first time saw their ad I feel that it has the time to change our stereotype mentality. But thanks to God my three years old son quite helping in nature. He always comes first and helps me with my household chores. He has tried to do his best for me. This Sunday I cleaned our drawer with him and he organized everything very nicely. 
He is still very young to clean or organized wardrobe. There is a drawer that attached our bed. I stored all their very necessary things in the drawer. This makes it really easy to see what important things are in the drawer. I keep their handkerchiefs, vests, under-garments, socks, beeps, caps, wipes, and diapers, etc. I also encourage him to keep it clean.

He can help to fold small clothes like socks, handkerchiefs, vests, under-garments and any small clothing. Like this way, he will feel involved and will develop the habit of folding laundry which otherwise seems like a difficult task. He also helps me to organize their toys and make their bed.  At this age, the focus is on teaching the child one skill at a time and not about making them self-dependent. Like this way, we enjoy our Sundays.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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