Tips to Get Your Son Excited About Cleaning Dishes

 Tips to Get Your Son Excited About Cleaning Dishes

This Sunday one of my friends came with her son in our house. Rohinish and her son are at the same age. He was telling his mother to drink water. Suddenly Rohinish brought two glasses of water; one for his friend another for himself. He also assured that both the glasses he washed and cleaned. I was just overwhelmed by this gesture. He has been learning these small things since this age,  that's very appreciating. 

I taught him another thing about the washing own dishes after food. Dishwashing is necessary to keep a kitchen clean. Washing dishes seems like a never-ending chore. After every meal cleaning each and everyone's dishes have become a more boring thing to do for a single person. kids who are trained properly can be a big help at washing utensils. So the best way is to wash your own, that sharing housework can also help families work better and reduce family stress. When Rohinish comes back from school he pulled the tiffin box out of his bag and washed it by hand with plain water at the kitchen sink and keeps it in the right place. Another good habit is that he always washes the glass while drinking water. I always supervise him but don't interrupt him. To keep utensils clean is a healthy habit. 

We can follow some tips to teach our son this chore and make it more excited.

1. Don't force them. Let them freedom, what they want to do. Let them feel that cleanup  time will like play time.
2. The best way to start is with scraping and rinsing. 
3. Reward your little helpers. You can verbally appreciate him, like a very good job, well done, you are amazing, etc. Praise their work in front of family members. My son loves to drink fruit juice. So an extra glass of fruit juice always encourages him. The purpose of the reward is something that truly motivates. 
4. Even toddlers can help with chores, but make sure to give them age-appropriate tasks
5. Gradually, teach them how to wash different types of utensils.

Safety Tips:

1. Be sure to use dishwashing detergent with effective cleaning performance. Also, learn about safety and ingredient information, directions for use to keep your dishes clean and your family healthy. 
2. Use stainless steel or unbreakable utensils instead of glass, ceramic utensils.
3. Keep away sharp things like knife, scissors 

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