Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool without Air Conditioning

Summers are at an all-time high. And Delhi and the entire country is burning like anything. Of course, we all have got ACs installed at our home, but even that is not helping. 
So, what can you do? Here I am suggesting you some easy peasy hacks to keep your home cool without air conditioning – 

1. Keep your Blinds Closed

30% of the internal heat comes from external sources. So, keep your windows closed especially during day time. And as the day progresses towards noon and the sun sets at the top of your head shut down your blinds too. This will keep your room cool and house dust free to some extent. 

2. Say Yes to Cotton Sheets

Summers are the time when you can adore prints even on sheets. Try to go for quirky prints or even the colorful ones also works quite well. cotton sheets will keep you cool and avoid any synthetic pillowcase. Rather go for buckwheat pillow. This will allow the air space between the pillows. 

3. Keep yourself Cool

Rather than focusing on keep cool, try to keep yourself cool too. Keep yourself well hydrated and concentrate on cooler food options. Also, avoid too much of spicy foods. 

4. Turn on the Bathroom fans

This is very important to throw out the hot air from your home outside. Switch on your kitchen exhaust after you are done with your cooking session or switch on your bathrooms fans after your steamy shower time. 

5. Sleep Low

Try to sleep at a lower altitude. Because it is always hot when you are sleeping at a higher altitude. Sleep at the floor in the night or keep your pillows placed lower. 

6. Night Air

The night air is sometimes breezy and soothing. And this will also not have much dust as well. so, open your blinds and windows at night so that your home gets cooler at night. 

7. Switch to CFLs

CFLs and fluorescent lamps are a great way to keep your house cool. Incandescent lights emit 90% if the heat that is available in your house. So, get rid of that heat and also save some extra bucks on electricity. 

8. Go Green

Going green is a great way to save up. This will allow you to stay indoors as well as get your indoor breeze cooler. This is also going to help you in the long term and in a sustainable manner. 

9. Fans Placement

Fans inside a room don’t have that kind of cooling effect because they just play with the air inside your home and keep it circulating. Rather place your fans at the crossway or near the windows. This will allow the cool breeze to circulate and thus your home will be much cooler. 

10. Grill Grill

Rather than cooking go the baking way. This will prevent unnecessary heat which is mostly the kitchen heat. 

Above given are some of the easy and less costly hacks which will give you a cooler home. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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