Monsoon is a season where you need to take extra care of your skin, hair, and health. Monsoon definitely looks very exciting and romantic but the effects which it has on skin, hair, and health and totally unavoidable. You need to take special care of all this else monsoon is definitely going to take a toll on your body. 
Let’s have a look at the following given steps which involves taking care of your skin, hair, and health this monsoon season – 

Skincare Tips 

Monsoon has damp weather which attracts a lot of dirt and your skin texture also changes for some time. Thus, your skincare and skin diet also need to change. Let’s have a look at major skincare tips to be followed this season – 

1. Use soap-free cleansers and ayurvedic or chemical-free scrubs to cleanse your skin thoroughly and keep it moist for a longer time. 
2. An alcohol-free toner is highly suggested during this time. This is mostly because monsoon has high humidity and this is the time when your pores will open up and collect dirt inside it. 
3. Continue using sunscreens even if the climate is cloudy. Many of us stop using sunscreens because they see there is no sun and thus there is no need for sunscreen. 
4. Opt for light and water-resistant makeup during monsoons. 
5. It is highly advisable to use some light moisturizer, especially on your body during monsoon season. 
6. Bleaching and facial should be avoided in this season because your skin is actually rough in this season. 

Haircare Tips 

Hair also turns to a broom-like structure in the monsoon season, if proper care is not taken. You would be able to fully enjoy the monsoon season when your hair woes are well taken care of. 
Some of the best hair care tips for monsoon are given below – 
1. Ensure your hair is dry. This is very important. Don’t sleep or tie your wet hair. This can lead to hair fall and hair damage. 
2. Wide-toothed combs are very good for monsoon season. They help in dealing with tangles and also ensure that there is no dirt or infection in your hair. 
3. Oil and champi are highly recommended in the monsoon season. This will prevent your hair from turning too dry. 
4. Replace your chemical shampoo and conditioners with the ayurvedic or SLS free or natural ones.  They are lighter for your hair and thus quite good. 
5. Beer is a very good conditioner for monsoon season. It helps to clean any unwanted build-up on your hair and also retains softness and shine. 

6. Waterproofing is actually a good idea for your hair. Cover your hair with a scarf when you are going out to enjoy the monsoon. 

Health Care Tips 

Monsoon is known by fungal, bacterial and viral infections. And it is very important to keep a check on your food habits this season. This is also the time when your body’s immunity goes for a complete toll. 
Following given are some of the easy to be followed health care tips this season – 

1. Hydration is very important in this season. And thus make sure that you are drinking lots of water regularly. 
2. Wash all the leafy fruits and vegetables as there can be viruses and parasites sitting on them. 
3. Try to keep your body warm as when your body is cool then the bacteria resides there more normally. 
4. Try to blanch everything in hot water firstly before consuming directly. 
5. Milk products, nuts, and soya are a must in your regular intake. 
6. Maintaining general hygiene and health, cleanliness is very important during the monsoon season. 
Above given are some of the simple tips and tricks to get the best out of your skin, hair, and health this monsoon season.