How To Be Healthy When Working Night Shifts?

How To Be Healthy When Working Night Shifts? 

Night shifts are a major problem which disrupts your complete routine. Our body is equipped with a circadian rhythm which works on the basis of the light it sees. In the daytime, there is maximum light and thus our body has the ability to wake up and thus function effectively. But at night when the light is less then the body also feels like sleeping down and take rest. Plus the digestive system is also made in such a way that at night we feel less hungry. The digestion process is quite slow at that time and thus we feel like eating less and allowing the body time to get repaired and heal itself. 

But with night shifts all this gets disturbed. The normal cycle of the body only gets disturbed. And thus what you are left with is a disturbed sleep cycle, a disturbed digestive system, and the ever tired body. So, here we will give you some easy tips and tricks which will keep you healthy while working during the night shifts – 

Get maximum sleep – Of course, your sleeping cycle is getting disturbed. And this is the time when your body needs to take rest and then only the body will feel recycled and energized the next day. So, it’s better to complete your sleep during the day time. This will keep your body moving at night. 
Take healthy snacks – When you are awake at night, then you might feel tempted to eat. But eating a heavier meal is not at all recommended during this time. It’s because the heavier meal will cause serious digestion issues. Plus, small snacks will nut and all are highly recommended to be consumed during this time. 
Exercise – Exercise is the key to keep yourself active and fit during night. Whenever at night time you feel like sleeping gets to go and exercise. Exercising will keep your body moving and this will also keep yourself in good shape during your night shifts. 
Walk – Sitting at one place for a longer time during night shifts might make you feel sleepy and the work productivity will also get hampered. So, what you need to do here is that walk after every 40 minutes to 1 hour. This will keep your body at a good pace and thus you will love the night shift time also. 
Reduce your Caffeine Intake – coffee and energy drinks are the biggest killers of your health and well being. Thus, what you need to do here is that reduce your energy drinks which are loaded with sugar and all those unhealthy ingredients. 

Regular meals – Night shifts doesn’t mean that your regular meals timing also need to change. Keep having regular and wholesome three timed meals. This will keep the digestion process of your body efficient and effective. 
Consume Breakfast – In the morning obviously you will be sleeping, but make it a point to have your breakfast before you sleep. This will also keep you healthy and prevent yourself from getting from hunger when you are sleeping. 
Avoid – Avoid foods which are quite rich in iron. Foods like red meat should not be consumed during the night because they are known to disturb the liver’s rhythm and enhances glucose metabolism problems. 

Vitamin D – with night shifts your intake of vitamin D will also reduce. This is because you might be sleeping during day time. So, there is no harm in taking vitamin D supplements on a regular basis. Visit your nearest doctor who will recommend you to take weekly vitamin D supplements. 
Blood Tests – It is observed that people who are into night shifts might have unhealthy meals during the night time. This might increase the sugar and glucose level in your body and thus it is very important to get your regular sugar and blood tests done. 
Above given are some of the very simple and super easy tips and tricks which will help to keep your night healthy. Let us know if you are aware of any more tricks in the comments down below. 

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