Raksha Bandhan Celebration Special: Tips to decorate your home during the Indian Festival 

The Indian festive season is all set to start. And the very first festival is nothing else than Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan as we all know is the festival for brothers and sisters. But post-marriage my celebration has extended to my husband as well. and thus this celebration is important for my sister-in-law too. So, the sole person is me who is responsible for managing the food, home décor, and gifts. So, that is obviously an added responsibility. 

Anyways I will wort myself by planning the home décor in advance. And thus here I am listing some of the major décor points which you can use at your own sweet home for Raksha Bandhan – 
Say yes to Greens – Ok this is one of the most inexpensive yet fancy and healthy ways of decorating your home. Why not put real green plants here and there actually everywhere inside your home? Don’t limit only to the balcony. Make them a part of your living room, bedroom, and more. In case you are unable to manage the real plants, then fake plants can always help you. 

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Rugs – Rugs are another major home piece that I love. They not only add that classy touch to your home but I feel it brings the whole room together. Especially when it comes to the living room then a big thick rug is a must beneath the sofa. Make sure that there is some color or décor element in your rug, otherwise, it might turn boring too. 

Dream Catchers – Dream catchers have made their way back into our home. And since I am a huge lover of the bohemian feeling, so I love to add some white or nude-colored dreamcatchers to a big wall. I personally find it quite free and dreamy. 

Memory – well, you must have a big light or white-colored wall in your living room. And that is the space with which you should regularly keep experimenting. This is the place where you can hang photos of yourself and your family or even add quotes and get it framed or just leave it bare. So, since this is a brother and sister festival thus, add up some of their photos as well. 

Dining Space – You must be inviting your brother and his sister for either dinner or lunch. So, why not decorate the dining table? Add some colorful glasses or crockeries of your choice. Make it look by adding napkins and candles. Even if you want to go for a new colorful mat as well. 

Add Fresh Flowers – Fresh flowers are something that automatically adds warmth to your home. Keep some vases of your favorite color or just to play safe keep transparent vases. Use fewer flowers only, you don’t need to use a lot of flowers. 

Floor Sittings – You are getting guests over your house, but you don’t have any furniture or sitting arrangements, don’t worry we have got that covered for you. Floor sittings are the newest and trendiest way of making your guests feel comfortable and that too with a bohemian feel.

Bring the light in – This is another inexpensive way of making your place look bright and big. Try to open the windows and if you can then ditch the curtains completely. Or sheer curtains are a great option here. They will open up space and make your home look much more bright and more beautiful. 

Thus, the above given are some of the major points of decorating your home this Raksha Bandhan. Hope you like the above-given points. Let us know if you want to add something new in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you.