Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring At All Times?

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Whether or not a lady should ever take off her engagement ring is a question that often comes up and has, at the time of writing, no set-in-stone answer. Will it snag off the bedding at night? Should I play sport with it on? Should I take it off when washing the dishes? These are just three of the many questions that people ask when it comes to wearing or taking off an engagement ring. 

When it comes to potentially damaging the engagement ring, it must be said that the vast majority of engagement rings are constructed to very high standards and will withstand a reasonably large amount of wear and tear. Diamonds, which are usually present in almost all engagement rings, are amongst the hardest substances known to man and are commonly used for industrial purposes so the diamond itself should be able to withstand whatever punishment is thrown at it. The main risk here is the diamond coming loose from the ring. An experienced jeweler will set the diamonds to the ring securely, but there are certain activities and functions where it may be sensible to remove the ring.

To Take Off Or To Leave On?

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Some of the scenarios and environments detailed below may compel the wearer to remove any jewelry for health and safety reasons, whilst others may be deemed as a personal choice. When it comes to engagement rings, the diamond engagement rings Brisbane ladies want may be very delicate or ornate. This factor should be taken into account when considering any activity where damage or loss is possible. As a general rule of thumb, engagement rings or any form of jewelry should not be worn when:

  • operating machinery in a factory setting
  • contact sports such as soccer, rugby or judo
  • detained in a state-run facility
  • working in a hospital ward
  • working with very young children

Some employers will also have their own workplace rules regarding jewelry although these generally relate to piercings and religious-themed jewelry. Commercial kitchens may also have their own set of rules governing jewelry for reasons of both hygiene and health and safety. 

Accidental Damage

You understandably cherish your engagement ring, so you know you need to weigh up the risk factors when wearing it. Accidental damage does happen, usually when you are least expecting it. Something as mundane as washing the dishes can sometimes end up with either the stone coming loose or even the whole ring disappearing down the plughole, not only does this create utter panic, it also requires the services of an emergency plumber which can be expensive! 

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One way to at least minimize the risk of stone coming loose is to have it regularly cleaned by your jewelry specialist. More often than not, they will be able to identify any loose stones and reset them if necessary. This said, good quality rings are built to stand the test of time and the vast majority of people experience no issues whatsoever. 
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