What Jewelry Suit with Different Types of Cotton and Handloom Sarees

What Jewelry Suit with Different Types of Cotton and Handloom Sarees 

Sarees are considered to be everyday wear these days. Gone are those days when people used to consider sarees for special occasions only. Sarees are perfect to be worn at the office and even during your field day outs. And simple sarees like cotton and handloom sarees are seen much more prominent than other sarees. These sarees are making their place quite frequently in our wardrobes and you will find every fifth woman wearing one of these sarees. 
And why not? They are quite comfortable to be worn and extremely lightweight as well. These days you get a variety of designs and styles in such handloom sarees. And not to forget they are seen in extremely affordable price bracket as well. You can literally get them anywhere and thus you need not hunt for any specific places to get those sarees from. 
But the million-dollar question here is accessorizing those sarees. It is very important to find out the right pair of jewelry to go with these sarees. But since these sarees are too lightweight, thus you cannot overload your saree with the jewelry. The jewelry also need to be simple and thus here we give you with some of the best suggestions as which jewelry would look really best with your cotton and handloom sarees – 

1. Linen sarees

linen sarees are one of the most popular and simple sarees. These sarees are quite popular in both formal and non-formal occasions. But when it comes to accessorizing then you might find yourself short of options. This is because linen sarees are very simple and lightweight and thus the jewelry cannot overboard those sarees. So, you should wear a single piece or more like a piece of statement jewelry with such linen sarees. Dark silver or the rusted colors goes quite well with such sarees as it adds that neutral pop of color to your saree. 

2. Cotton sarees

Another very simple saree. And of course, most of the cotton sarees have that faded and washed outlook. So, what is important here is that you must add some bright and fun jewelry to your cotton sarees. It can be a loud or long earring or it can also be layered jewelry. Take your pick and decide for yourself. 

3. Silk sarees

Silk sarees are one of the most royal and premium feel saree. These sarees look quite different and are perfect for any special occasions. But you will again have a question of how to accessorize such sarees. A full necklace is considered to be a perfect fit for your silk sarees. You don’t need statement jewelry for your silk saree. You can go with the golden-hued necklaces and they are said to be the perfect match for your silk sarees. 

4. Organza Sarees

Organza sarees are the latest fad in the market. And since these sarees are also quite lightweight and mostly available in light colors thus go bold and dramatic. Since the sarees are quite light you can heavily accessorize them and then they will be perfect to be worn with such organza sarees. What you need here is that wear some heavy wedding necklaces or maybe a gold necklace would also serve the purpose perfectly here. 

5. Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari sarees are also making their way in the crowd here. They are the multi-shades sarees and thus it will be difficult to pick up one single color out of them. so, why not go with silver or black silver and rustic jewelry. They will be the perfect match with your kalamkari sarees. Even the beaded jewelry can also do the trick here.

So, the above given are some of the best jewelry options with your favorite handloom sarees. If you are aware of any more such pairing options then let us know in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you.

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