10 Best Outfit Ideas for Siblings on Bhai Dooj

10 Best Outfit Ideas for Siblings on Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is round the corner and this is the time when brothers and sisters come together and celebrate the festival of togetherness. 

The festival not only has mythological relevance but these days it has got a fashion relevance also. And if you one of those fashionista sisters who is struggling with a not so fashionable brother, then we have got that covered for you. This is the perfect time when you can trick your brother to wear something which is stylish and fashionable. 

Here you go, ladies. Here we are suggesting 10 best outfit ideas for siblings on Bhai Dooj – 

Kurta Stitched from the same fabric – These days you can hardly distinguish between men and female clothes. And then you have innumerable fabric options. So, choose a unisex color and design or best leave it plain and get a kurta stitched for both of you. wear on the day of Bhai Dooj and you will love the final results. 

Twinning with the same color – This is quite simple. You need to try the color twinning pattern here. Wear the same color T-shirt and pants. Best if you can get similar shades also. This will look quite good in photos and then this is one of the best and cost-friendly outfit ideas for siblings on Bhai Dooj. 

White T-shirt – An easy peasy look is wearing a white T-shirt at the top. Both of you can go for a similar neck pattern and length and even sleeve length. This will make you look identical and will be another no-fuss twinning outfit idea for the Bhai Dooj season. Such a perfect and peppy way of celebrating this festival of brothers and sisters with huge rejoice. 

Colour Blocking – Colour blocking is such a perfect trend for any occasion. Not only this is attractive but perfectly stylish as well. colour blocking can be worn in numerous ways and it is something that your brother will also comfortable to wear. Choose some solid colors and then wear outfits according to that. Make sure that the colors are perfectly clashing against each other and then you are done. 

Unisex Clothes – Unisex clothes are highly loved and preferred. There are a number of and huge variety of unisex clothes available. Pick as per your choice and then you can go ahead and gift your brother also something similar just one day prior to the D day. 

Fully Ethnic – This is something bold but the final results are awesome and totally worth the efforts. Sisters can wear sarees and brothers can go for the kurta pajama or dhoti kurta even. This will obviously make your mother super happy and such a perfect way to embrace the upcoming festive season. 

Ditto Outfit for Kids – When it comes to kids then you can obviously go for the ditto outfit. Remember what Shahid and Mira did for their kids first Rakhi together. Even the mother and father can also pair the twinning game together.
Colour inspired – again this is a very reasonable and logical outfit idea. Here you can select one color and then everyone can wear something around that color only. This will give you a good idea of what you can wear on a special day and will keep your options also open. 

Character inspired look – What about a character inspired look. Go out for your favorite characters as per your child’s liking and dress them up accordingly. Sounds perfect. Right?
Fairy tale look – This is again such a creative idea for your children. Let them wear something which is quite a fairy style for them. They will love this look and will adore the total outfit. 
Above given are some of the simple but glam and non-glam ideas outfit inspirations for siblings on Bhai Dooj. Let us know if you liked the articles in the comments down below and also what are your siblings wearing on a special day. Let us know.
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