7 Very Useful Tips to fly safely with a toddler

A toddler is a token of joy but handling a toddler comes with its own set of responsibilities. And of course, you can delay some of your holidays when your toddler is really small. But of course, you also want to go on holiday. And thus the best is to work on some small tips and tricks which will help flying with your toddler one of the most smooth experiences of all times.

Some of the highly rated and useful tips and tricks to fly safe with your toddler –

  1. Choose the time wisely – You need to choose the time of flight quite wisely. Choose the time of his nap. This might ease out your journey. If your toddler sleeps during 9 Am then the flight timing should be the same. And make it a point to give some sleep gap before that so that when he is ultimately at the flight he will get tired and sleep.
  2. Getting an Extra Seat – Always try your best to get an extra seat. This might help you with the extra luggage of the baby. And the extra seat will also help during the diaper change time. So, get inside the flight early and ask your air hostess politely. She is the one who can help you here.
  3. Electronics are Saviors – Of course, every child today is busy with electronics and use this savior during those flight journeys. This might keep him distracted and your toddler will completely ignore what is in front of him. Also, this will keep him familiarized with the new surroundings beside him.
  4. Have Some Finger Foods – Be ready with the stocks of his favorite foods. Trust me flying time is not the time when you want to teach your toddler a lesson. Just be with him and keep his favorite foods or toys within an arms distance. This will help you immensely in keeping him in his best moods.
  5. Walk with Him – Our advice is to walk down the aisle with your little one. Once the flight is on its way and everyone around has settled down, then this is the time to get him acquainted with his surroundings. And thus you are all set to take your little one on a flight tour.
  6. Bring a Baby Carrier – Always carry a baby carrier when you are traveling with your toddler. This will ease his journey and help him to stay in place. Also, a baby carrier will ensure that your baby is comfortable and he will relate the baby carrier to his own home.
  7. Pack Smartly – This is very important. With a toddler, you need to be all full proof with the packing. You can’t go wrong and you can’t even be late. So, have a side bag with lots of zips and small compartments. This will help you to stay organized and get everything at an arms distance.

Above given are some of the best tips and tricks which if followed can help you enjoy your flight trip with the toddler. I hope you like these tips and tricks. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.