Home Décor Ideas for Lohri or Makar Sakranti

Lohri or Makar Sakranti is round the corner and this is one of the major festivals of Hindu. The festival is celebrated with huge pomp and show among Sikhs and Punjabis. This is a festival that is majorly dedicated to farmers who thank God for their harvest season and successful crop output. And this festival is celebrated on the longest night of the year and thus all the more reasons to party all night. 

This is the perfect time to witness the change in the season and embrace the festive spirit in full glory. And this time you can decorate your home fully and then invite friends. Let me give you some quick and pocket-friendly tips and tricks to make your home Lohri ready – 

Colorful Décor

Lohri is the festival of bright colors and thus makes your home colorful. This is the time when you can go with colorful cushions, lots of colorful rugs and bright colored bedsheets.


Phulkari dupattas are the best bet for this day. You can wear a simple kurta with a Patiala salwar and a phulkari dupatta and you will be ready for the night. Also, try to decorate your house with some of the colorful dupattas. Use them as a cushion and also at the windows. 

Earthen Stuff

Lohri is a village festival and earthen utensils and products are given topmost priority. Thus, if you have an outdoor space in your home, then place some khatiyas. You can hang some colorful props around the khatiyas and you will be good to go. Use a big earthen vessel for water rather than the normal RO. 


Kites are symbolic to Lohri. Many families have an auspicious norm of flying kites on this very day. And you will find the market full of a wide variety of kites. There are loads of colorful and different variety of kites available and it really looks pretty and beautiful.

Photo Booth

Lohri is the time when sun shines bright and we all are happy and cheerful. This is the time when you should organize a photo booth session outdoor. Go for some colorful and fun photo frames and get clicked theirs.

Dress up

and dressing up is our favorite game. So, bring out some bright colorful clothes for the Lohri season and you will be good to go. Wear your favorite bright colors and you won’t feel over the top with this.

Use Lights

Lohri is all about bright lights and colors. And thus decorate your house, entrance, and windows with fairy lights. You can also go for the simple golden ones or you can also try the beautiful colorful ones.

 Dessert Table

Lohri is characterized by typical Punjabi food. And of course sweet delicacies are a part and parcel of this festival. So enjoy the night today with your favorite sweets and leave the tension of diet and weight gain for a better tomorrow. 

Shake a leg

This is the perfect time to indulge in some bhangra session with your family and loved ones. Shake a leg and rejoice this festival with some folk songs and of course in the loudest voice.


Last but not least Lohri is characterized by the bonfire. Family lits up a big bonfire at the centre and everyone throws popcorns and sings and dances around the fire.  

Above given are some of the most budget-friendly yet super-utility ways to brighten up your home décor this Lohri. Let us know if you are aware of any more such tips and tricks in the comments given below. We would love to hear back from you. 

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