How to save your toddler from cold?

Children under 3 years of age are real magnets of cold. They get sick almost every week and especially in the winter season they always have a running nose. Surveys have pointed out that even healthy children also have at least eight to ten viral infections throughout the year. And as per the American Academy of Pediatrics, these symptoms last for at least 10 days. And if your child is into daycare then the tendency to fall sick increases over time. 
Now here comes the good part. Most cold goes away within some days. And that is primarily because the immune system of the toddler is still developing and thus as and when he grows older he will have much reduced cold infections by time. 
But till then, here sharing some very easy tips and tricks which will save your child from the cold – 
  1. Mustard Oil – Mustard oil should be your favorite when you are looking to protect your toddler from cold. Mustard oil is quite warm and thus it will protect your toddler from getting regular cold. But there is a trick to using mustard oil for summers. Never let your child be completely open top to bottom in cold. Warm up the oil and apply on his tows just by opening the socks and then on legs with the top completely covered. Also, apply mustard oil either when it’s fully sunny or in a proper warm and cozy room. Then when you are done with the bottom, then layer him properly at the bottom and then move towards the top area. 
  2. Layering – In winters layering is the key for everyone. And the same goes for a toddler too. Don’t make him directly wear a thermal. Always make him wear a half T-shirt and then a thermal over it. Try to keep his chest covered and thus make him wear a half sweater and then finally a front chain jacket or sweater. This way you will be able to open the front chain sweater when required. 
  3. Covering – There are some important areas that must be covered for toddlers. Be it their legs, ears, head or even toes. Always make them wear thick and long socks and then shoes. Even if they are inside your home, shoes are compulsory. And then they must have their head always covered inside monkey caps. Plus, if it’s too cold and you feel your child is having to chill cold hands, then make them wear gloves too. 
  4. Home remedies – There are a number of home remedies for toddlers. When your child is 12 months plus, then he must have started eating something. So, try to replace sugar with honey. My recommendation is to completely eliminate sugar and replace it with honey. if your child likes, then try to add a few drops of honey into his milk. Honey acts as a major body immune booster and will protect your little one from the cold. 
  5. Warm food – Always try to give warm food to the toddler. Give him warm milk, warm soups and also warm water throughout the day. Try to keep an electric kettle handy. This will help you in getting everything warm super soon. Also, use a room heater and keep switching it off and on for every 2-3 hours. 
  6. Vicks – If your child is having dry cough then apply Vicks or oil regularly to this throat area. This will keep the area warm and thus prevent it from cold. 

Above given are some of the personal tried and tested remedies to beat cold in toddlers. Let me know if you like them. also, share your own tips and tricks in the comments down below. We would love to hear back from you. 

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