How to Use a Jade Roller with Hydrating Sheet Mask

 How to Use a Jade Roller with Hydrating Sheet Mask

Today I am going to share with you my current skincare routine and also do review a few sheet masks which I use at least once in a week. I have dry, sensitive but acne-prone skin. At the age of 30 or above, you need some skincare products which are Hydrating, soothing and also gives firm, brighter skin. 

In our busy schedule mainly working women don't get enough time to put face mask and wait for it to dry and again the tension of washing it which may lead to dry skin. So, next comes a question in our mind what is sheet masks, how to use, are they really helpful? Yes, sheet masks are great because it allows the skin to rest while boosting hydrating, brightening,anti-aging products. It effectively gives moisture back to the skin. They are face-shaped fabrics soaked in serum (nutrition-packed solution)  sheet masks are originated from. Japan, South Korea and now used worldwide. Basically, sheet masks are inexpensive in comparison to going for an expensive spa or facial. They are made of mainly cotton or non-woven fiber. They come in the shape of a face with holes for eyes, lips, and nostrils. If used regularly they give results.

Jade roller- It is an ancient tool used mainly in Asian countries. They do everything from sculpting, toning, firming the skin by increasing blood circulation. The main thing is that it helps skincare products penetrate better. Facial rollers come in various types like rose quartz roller, derma rollers, amethyst rollers. I purchased the JADE ROLLER from NYKAA and also available on Amazon

Now, the use of the products:-

First I cleanse my face by a mild cleanser or face wash of Cetaphil.
Then I use chilled Dabur Gulabari rose water  or you can use any toner
Then according to my skin need I use the sheet mask
I keep it for 30 minutes and then I remove the cotton mask

After that, I use the roller on my face. Place the jade rollers large end on your chin, face, apply medium pressure and roll it towards the ear, repeat 5 to 6 times. It Will help the serum penetrate in your skin properly and will help in blood circulation. Though jade rollers are a little expensive, it worth the price. It comes in a beautiful box with a satin bed. After using you have to wash it and dry it with a soft cloth. Put it back in the box as it can break if not handled with care. Below I am sharing different types of masks and the Jade rollers with their benefits.  

1. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

Its a fragrance-free, noncomedogenic, pH balanced, fragrance-free, mild cleanser, ideal for sensitive skin. It helps the skin retain needed moisturizer. 

2. Dabur Gulabari Rosewater

Its a basic rose water that can be used to tone the skin, for a natural glow. Use it chilled if required.

3.  The Face Shop sheet mask (Rs 150 each)

a) Pearl mask

Formulated with pearl. The pearl powder in the serum provides a brightening solution to dull skin.

b) Propolis mask

This serum provides a nourishing solution to exhausted skin(for aged  skin) 

c) Hyaluronic Acid mask

The serum contains hyaluronic acid which helps dry, thirsty skin lock in moisture. They are all without parabens

d) Collagen Mask

This serum contains Collagen. It helps in firming the skin.

e) Madecassoside Mask

This serum provides a soothing solution to sensitive skin.

f) Ceramide Mask

This mask helps in moisturizing dull, rough skin

4. The Face Rituals Jade Roller 

I hope you all liked this article and please comment below your thoughts.

Written By Sreeparna Roy

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