10 Styling Tips for Bong Teacher 

Since ages, there is a clear concept in our mind that a teacher’s attire should be decent in all respect and Bengali teachers for many years have only restricted their style to cotton or TANT sarees to their workplace. I believe that there is no other garment that can make Indian women look as graceful and as beautiful as the saree does. However, the way of the styling a teacher has not remained bound by the shackles of time. Like the rest of the world, it has also managed to evolve and keep in step with the changing world. But in this century, the way teachers deck them up, has not only made them look more decent and classy, but it has also added a spark in their way if styling and even their way of styling are now followed by women all around the globe. 

Let’s have a look at some styling tips, a Bengali teacher can include if they want to upgrade their looks and present themselves in a new refreshing way.

Select the Right Fabric and Colors for Sarees 

If there is anything that completes the quintessential persona of a teacher, it is a saree; neatly draped with all pleats pinned and placed properly, so that no such activities can disturb a teacher from doing their work in a hurry. A few years of service as a teacher is enough to feel your wardrobe with brilliant and gorgeous, colorful sarees. Being a Bengali is a boon, as our closet is already full of enormous numbers of sarees. 

We live in a hot country, so it is better to wear cotton sarees, one can wear Tant sarees with skirt borders, Manipuri cotton sarees, batik print, block print sarees, handloom, ghitcha, pure silk( printed). Heavy work with heavy pallu, can be avoided. 

Choosing saree color is again an important thing, light colors, pastel colors are best for summers and are also eye soothing. But one should experiment with colors and fabrics like chiffon, georgette, and dark color but subtle sarees.

Of Course Blouse Matters

No matter what kind of saree you drape, a perfect well-fitted blouse is a game-changer. A blouse should be well fitted. Now the trend is mix and match blouse with your saree, rather wearing matching blouse piece, To perk up the look, one can experiment with different cuts like boat neck, Chinese collar, air hostess cut with blouse sleeves length up to the elbow. Avoid low cut blouse and sheer materials.

Simple Hairstyles

Sick of chalk dust in your hair? Avoid a monotonous hairstyle. Go for a ponytail, low bun, fishtail braid. You can adorn fresh flowers like rose and jasmine from your garden or also can use different metal sticks in your bun, and even different stylish elastic bands can be used.

Select Shoulder Bag   

The bag is one of the essential things for a teacher. Forget those days when teachers use to carry black or brown bags, now we have a wide range of bags available with different sizes, shapes, and colors. Go for large/medium shoulder bags in different colors to fit essential items like wallet, mobile, charger or power bank, headphones, diary, pen, comb, tissue, and some emergency medicine also.

Sunglass or Eyewear 

If you are wearing eyeglasses, go for quirky frames, choose from different ranges according to your face shape, experiment with different colors. And sunglasses are also an important thing while stepping out, choose according to your face shape. It will definitely give a smart look. A wide range is available in Online Sites.

Yes! Umbrella 

We have seen an umbrella is essential and even is a mandatory thing always seen in a teacher ‘s hand. Be it scorching summer days or rain, an umbrella is a must. Ditch the black or brown umbrellas, go for a dark shade or printed ones to perk your look.

Go For Stylish Lunch Bag 

Again like a shoulder bag, it is an essential thing to carry in school. Do not keep your bottle or lunch box in your shoulder bag, rather go for stylish jute bags, which comes in different size, shape, and color according to your needs. You can find a wide variety of Amazon.

Keep the Make-up Minimal

On a daily basis, a sunscreen, along with a light coverage foundation and compact is enough for a teacher. Add-ons can be kajal, bindi, and light shade of pink, nude or brown lipstick. This will add a definition to the face and can bring a spark to the face. Try to wear subtle color nail polish like rose pink, lavender, peach, and other pastel colors.

Other Accessories 

Jewelry - too much of jewelry doesn’t look good, but small jhumkas can be worn, beads neckpiece and junk bangles can be chosen as daily wear. But don’t wear everything at a time, rather opt for minimal jewelry. 

Watch - Pair your saree with an edgy watch and see the magic unfolds. 

Don't Forget about Footwear 

The last but most important thing is footwear. Choose footwear keeping in mind your comfort as a teacher have to stand all day. High heels should be avoided. But if you want to wear heels go for platform heels or wear sandals, tiptoes, or pumps. You can experiment with different colors matching your attire.

I hope these tips will help to upgrade and modify your closet. For the teachers, I only can say ” a good teacher is like a candle- it consumes itself to light the way for others”

If you have other styling tips do share with us in the comment box below.