Four Movies to Watch With Your Kids and Family This Weekend

Disobedience, throwing tantrums, mood swings, demanding phones to play games, or watching youtube videos are the signs to watch out for in children during this lockdown. Parents need to understand the reasons behind a child’s tantrums. It could be due to frustration or anxiety, can be due to they are missing their friends, their school, or rather they are locked at home for more than 50 days. Parents who are working from home or stressed out, they need to understand their child,  as they are the worst sufferers, they are unable to understand what’s going around, because they never knew in their life what staying indoors may feel like.  As the weekend is arriving, so here we have sorted out 4 movies you can watch together with your kids
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Hua Mulan 

Category: kids and family (animated)
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes

The movie is about a Chinese legend heroine known as Hua Mulan who was the daughter. Her father was ill and bedridden general. She won several battles in her father’s name and before finally winning the war, she met the love of her life, and she discovered herself as a very beautiful girl.

Monster and Pirates

Category: kids ( animated) 
Duration: 56 minutes

The movie is about a treasure hunt searching the treasures of captain barracuda. It’s an enchanting story of adventure in the sea with lots of fantasy, searching the treasures,  but at last, we will see a triumph on friendship and courage.

Alexander the Great 

Category: kids ( animated)
Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes 

The movie is about the life of the great king alexander, his journey, his life, his epic battles, and how he learned the value of life that forgiveness is more powerful than revenge.

Mother Teresa

Category: kids ( animated) 
Duration: 1 hour 32 minute

The movie depicts the life of a young girl becoming a modern-day saint, how selflessly she brought hope, love, and salvation and how she spends her entire life to serve mankind. 

Kids these days need lots of attention. We should make them watch movies which will entertain them as well as give some educational values.  ZEE 5 kids have come with lots of movies for kids. Under parental guidance, watch time should be limited. May be sometime they will irritate us by their tantrums but we have to understand they are living a life which they never imagined. All the things they loved to do like playing, being with friends, or just being kids have already bee taken away from them. Our little heroes' minds must be racing. Every day they get up, they are bored of hearing all the things going around and they are tired of asking parents when everything will become normal. Love them, hug them, play with them, give them extra time. And whenever you are tired of doing all the work and they say, “ Mumma can we now watch a movie? “, say yes. Remember this time is not forever.  We have listed four kids category animated movies which we can enjoy this weekend, with your favorite popcorns and milkshake. Do share the name of your favorite movie which you enjoy with your family in the comment section.

Author: Sreeparna Roy

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