5 Amazing Hacks To Detangle Long Hair In An Instant

5 Amazing Hacks To Detangle Long Hair In An Instant

Long fine hair especially tends to tangle. If you face trouble in detangling your long hair. Here are amazing hacks on how to properly detangle long hair:

1. Use of Conditioner

After shampoo even oily hair needs a good conditioner. You can try conditioning your hair before shampoo. This will not leave your hair oily but will make the hair soft and you will be left with untangled hair. Use conditioners from the mid-length till the tips. If you have normal to dry hair, try a leave-in conditioner and apply towards the ends.

2. Using the Right Comb

For years we know that a wide-toothed comb is perfect for detangling the hair. Then detangling brushes came to our rescue. They are plastic brushes created for detangling hair when it is wet. The bristles are spaced far so that you can experience less breakage. It's one personal choice whether to use a wide-tooth comb or a brush.

3. Use of Serum

If you don’t like using conditioner you can use a serum on dry hair. This serums not only gives shiny, smooth hair, it also helps in detangling. The serum will help you work out the
knots with a comb.

4. Proper Way to Comb Your Hair

Always comb or brush wet hair and even dry hair from the bottom of hair up. Start by combing the bottom six inches of hair. When this is detangled, move on up the hair until
you reach your crown.

5. Use of Oil

If your hair is severely tangled, then use a wooden comb dip it in the oil, comb from tips to the crown. Don't hurry. Have patience and take your time while detangling your hair.

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