Husband Can Also Take The Responsibility of Household Chores #ShareTheLoad Movement

Husband Can Also Take The Responsibility of Household Chores 

#ShareTheLoad Movement

Why do men do domestic chores? - But the idea of doing domestic work together existed in our society from the prehistoric age. In some tribal culture where men and women works together in their house and in the field. However, there are still some communities that believe if someone helps, the word feminine is reserved for the man if he helps the wife in her work. In this way, the boys are still discouraged from doing domestic chores

In the current COVID - 19 situation, we are moving forward day by day with different types of crises. And similarly, stress levels have increased for both men and women due to this ongoing pandemic. Now this prolonged lockdown has become more stressful for women. Nowadays, 24/7 everyone is at home and a woman is constantly trying to fulfill all the demands of each and every family member. No housemaid, no extra hand for help, but still she needs to be always ready for making their foods, taking care of kids, cleaning up the house, utensils, clothes, etc along with her personal or professional work. Thus a woman is getting physically and mentally exhausted throughout the day by meeting up family members' demands all day long. Therefore, a husband should be involved in his wife's house chores and make married life-loving and happening.

In my case, my husband helps me with household chores in various ways. Especially, he manages the laundry department including washing, drying, and folding laundry. And the most interesting part is that my children also take part in it with their father. 

Here I have my husband as a helping hand for such house chores to be done, and on the other hand, it is beautiful learning for children. Thus we parent set an example for our children. Life goes on smoothly through this type of understanding between parents and this feeling is also very important to our children. 

If the husband helps with the house chores has many benefits like, just as doing chores around the house may save a lot of time for his wife. He will also be relieved from the monotonous work of daily life. From home to office, from office to home, sometimes chatting with colleagues or friends - if your life is stuck in such a life cycle, then extend your hand to your wife for household chores. And even during this epidemic, if you cook for your family that will boost your energy.

If both husband and wife are working, they will not be able to spend much time together. If the husband helps the wife with the house chores, then both of them get a chance to spend some more quality time together. 

Pandemic and the ongoing lockdown have changed our lives a lot. We are much more stressed now. But when a husband and wife work together, stress can be overcome and the relationship becomes stronger.

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