15 Types of Indian Sarees That Bengali MUST Have in Their Wardrobe

15 Types of Indian Sarees That Bengali MUST Have in Their Wardrobe

Bengali women have a huge collection of sarees. And when it comes to a wedding ceremony a Bengali bride buys a huge collection of saree for her wedding rituals. Those sarees become a treasure for her lifetime and it passes to the next generation. Even a Bengali bride gets a good collection of sarees as “tattwa” or gift from her groom's house. In today's post, we are sharing the collection of 15 different types of Indian Sarees Bengali MUST Have in Their Wardrobe


Banarasi silk sarees have been an integral part of every Indian bride's trousseau since time immemorial. Benarasi is mainly weaved in Benaras which is regarded as one of the best handloom sari producing places in the world. It comes in different styles and categories like Jamewar, Katan, etc.


Originally woven in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal and Bishnupur, Balucharis are rich silk sarees characterized by intricate weaving in the pallu and borders, depicting stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other religious texts.

Assam Silk

Assam silk is obtained from one of the rarest silks of the world Muga silk, 
which is known as the pride of Assam and is considered as the pride of Assam. Muga silk is produced by rearing MUGA worms. It comes in different colors with motifs.


Bomkai silk sarees, uniquely woven saree, which hails from the western part of Orissa. These silk sarees are available both in cotton and silk fabrics are extremely popular and have global acceptance.


Chanderi silk sarees are one of the finest and luxurious silk sarees hailing from the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. These sarees are extremely light-weight compared to other traditional sarees, which are fine and delicate.


Gadwal sarees are mainly of cotton and silk and are weaved from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Those lovely sarees are very pricey. It is said that the Gadwal sarees weavers are the relatives of Jeeveshwar Maharaj who was the weaver of Hindu gods and goddesses.


Pure georgette sarees or chiffon sarees are one of those rich outfits a lady can never neglect. Match a georgette saree with a designer blouse.

Kantha stitch

Kantha Sarees are the popular weavings from Bolpur, West Bengal, India. These sarees come in cotton and silk with exotic embroidery and show superlative craftsmanship. They are found in different types like Nakshi Kantha, Padma Katha, etc in different rich color combinations.


It is made of fiber from the flax plant or lun seed. It is then embroidered or printed as per requirements and it is very comfortable and lightweight.


This is of all the traditional sarees worn by Bengali women Tant is the common one. Tant sarees are mainly based on cotton and woven by weavers of West Bengal. It is lightweight and comfortable. The most popular are fulia tant, tangail, and many more. A Bengali wedding is incomplete with red and yellow Tant saree for the Haldi or “gaye holud” ritual.


Tussar saree has a rich texture and natural gold color. The mind-boggling varieties of this silk and designs make it a fixture in almost every women's wardrobe.


Jamdani saree is one traditional saree, which is priceless and can never be outdated. Its main origin is Dhaka, Bangladesh. Though it's worn by women from all over the world and are widely made in parts of West Bengal.

Matka silk

It is a rough handloom silk fabric like gitcha sarees. Woven from the waste of Mulberry silk, its spinning is done in malda and Murshidabad district of West Bengal.

Printed Silk

pure silk with different printed motifs and patterns are extremely comfortable to wear in occasions and even to works.

Cotton Printed Sarees

Cotton sarees which we can wear every day comes in different digital prints and are very comfortable to wear in Indian climatic conditions.

I hope you like these collections of sarees that must have in Bengali's Wardrobe. Comment below yours favorite saree from this above list. 

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