6 Things to do if you are Affected with Covid 19

At present the situation is so unpredictable that every other household is reporting covid-19 cases, and at times even when you have been taking that utmost precaution. The virus is such that no one really knows how and when we will fall into its prey. So, the biggest doubt and question lies: what if you tested covid positive? What are the next steps? What all you should be doing? What are the necessary things to be kept in mind?

To sort all those out, I thought of penning down the basic necessary things which, you, as a patient should take care of. No, not something very extraordinary, but some of those essentials which we, as common man, often overlook. Let’s see what are those:

Don’t panic and stay in touch with your regular doctor:

Witnessing so much of casualties, the first thing we tend to do is get panic stricken. Don’t! rather, the first thing you should do is self-isolation and consulting your doctor. I understand it is very normal to be scared, but the wisest thing is to keep a self-control, and follow those immediate steps that your doctor have advised you and keep a regular watch of symptoms.

Keep a regular check on Oxygen saturation level:

Just like thermometer is a basic need, if you are affected with covid-19, an oximeter is a basic need. Covid affects lungs, which in turn affect heart rate and oxygen saturation. If oxygen saturation goes below 95% it is super advisable to call a doctor. So, consider getting a pulse oximeter so as to keep a regular check on oxygen saturation levels.

Eat healthy:

During any illness, it is very necessary to keep immune system strong. And you can build up a good immune system with that right amount of nutritious diet. Eat plenty of fruits, protein rich diet and a lot of fluids. Make sure, you don’t intake too spicy or too oily things, take light but well balanced and nutritious food,

Remember, google isn’t any Doctor: 

One of the biggest mistake we all tend to do is even  before consulting a doctor, we consult google. Remember, google doesn’t know everything and can be greatly misleading too at times. So, don’t make google your personal health care system and take the resort of a proper doctor.

Stock up on supplies:  

Now, if you are the one staying alone, and got covid, it is definitely not advisable to go out for your supplies. So the best way is to stock up all supplies in one go so that you need not even go down and collect your supply daily, because its sad but true that covid drains you out excessively! Apart from food and other necessities, also take care of medicine supplies and stock those up as well.

Take optimum Rest: 

Try proning at home by keeping the pillow beneath your stomach. It helps increase the oxygen amount reaching your lungs. Apart form that, take optimum rest and keep yourself totally isolated. That might be frustrating after a point in time, so you can resort some motivational shows or reading some good books for your rescue!

With the scarcity of vaccine right at the moment, get the jab once you are lucky enough to get slot. Remember, vaccines reduce the intensity of disease, thus keeping you a bit safe!

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