How to Perform the Raksha Bandhan Ritual - Beauty and Lifestyle Mantra

How to Perform the Raksha Bandhan Ritual - Beauty and Lifestyle Mantra 

Raksha Bandhan is that occasion which is popular in each and every household in India. From the very childhood, a sister knows the rituals of Raksha Bandhan. Even this occasion is not only limited to brothers and sisters even nowadays we tie the sacred thread on our sisters, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, friend's wrist. 

As Raksha Bandhan means to protect the person who will tie rakhi. According to Hindu mythology, once Sri Krishna got a wound and he was bleeding, seeing this Draupadi instantly tore off her sari and tied a knot with that on his hand. On that day Sri Krishna decided to protect Draupadi. As we know, during the Chirharan, when the Kauravas was trying to take off her clothes, Sri Krishna protected her as he promised. This year Rakshabandhan falls on 3 rd August 2020. In this situation, if you are staying with your brother, you can make this occasion a special one, by not only tying the rakhi but with proper rituals. 

Let's know how to perform the Raksha Bandhan Ritual.

After offering puja to God, prepare a Raksha Bandhan thaliYou can place mangal Kalash with mango leaf, flowers, and coconut place on it. Make a rangoli around the Kalash ( this procedure is optional). 

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Ask your brother to sit on “asana” or make any good sitting arrangement on the floor. You can use a small rug also to make him sit. On the thali place the rakhi, kumkum for tilak, a small Diya, Akshat(rice mixed with turmeric), sweets, and petals of marigold flowers. 

Apply the Tilak on your brother’s forehead. Last year I forgot to bring kumkum. So, in the morning I thought of making natural kumkum at home. You can use it later also.

Procedure for Making Kumkum at Home

Take one spoon of turmeric, with that mix half spoon of baking soda. Mix it well. Add the juice of a half lemon. Add 2 drops of any essence or ITTAR. Mix well. Let it dry under the sun for 3 to 4 hours. Eventually, it will turn red and your kumkum is ready. 

After applying the Tilak, wave the Arti plate with the Diya in a circular motion, from the right-hand side, 3 times. Put the Akshat (rice and turmeric mix) with flower petals over your brother's head. Then tie the Rakhi on your brother’s right hand.

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If you have sister- in- law you can tie her a rakhi also, you can easily shop rakhi for Bhabi from online store, they come in bangle shape with various designs. After tying the Rakhi offer the sweets. 

Humbly accept the gift that he has bought for you, you can also gift your brother. Pray for each other well being and long life. 

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Prepare and serve delicious dishes for your brother and enjoy the day with your family. Celebrate the festival which is about the protection of good from the influence of evil.

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