10 Practical Gift and Surprise Ideas for Your Bride-To-Be Best Friend

10 Practical Gift and Surprise Ideas for Your Bride-To-Be Best Friend

Every girl is excited about her best friend's wedding. After all, she's the one who has been your better half all your life, right? From having lunch together to shopping sprees, from gossiping to being with each other in hard times, she is the one with whom you've shared the best moments of your life. And now that she's hitched, and both of you are occupied with all the wedding preparations. Hence, it's quite possible that you didn't have enough time to figure out what you could give her as a wedding gift.

Don't worry, I got your back! In this post, I'll be sharing with you 10 amazing gift and surprise ideas that you can gift your bride-to-be bestie. From affordable to luxury, I have all the options for you!

1. A Bridal Shower party

One of the best things the maid of honor can do for her bride-to-be bestie is throwing an elite bridal shower party. Pick a theme that suits your friend's personality the most. You can go for a classic floral theme or a champagne theme. Make an invite and make sure that all her close friends and family are present for this intimate celebration. Finalize a good venue or you can also organize the party at your house and get some cool props ready with some alcohol. I'm sure she'll love this surprise!

2. Home Decor

If your bestie is moving into a new house with her fiance, you can gift her home decor pieces such as some chic crockery or nice wall hangings and other decor items. You can easily order them online from the Home centre or Pepperfry and they also have great discounts almost all the time.

3. Fitness Essentials

You can buy a nice set of fitness essentials such as a gym bag including a nice sporty sipper, workout clothes, headbands, etc. if your friend loves working out or is planning to start. You can also add a resistance band or a yoga mat. You can get all of these items from Amazon.

4. Customized Beauty Products

Which bride doesn't want a beautiful bridal glow with luscious locks on her big day? Help your bestie take care of her skin and hair and calm her herself after all the stress of wedding planning. Gift her a personalized hair care kit which is tailor-made exclusively for her hair with her name imprinted on the products. You can go for Freewill's hair care solution. The hair kit includes a shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum and the packaging makes it a perfect gift-worthy choice.

5. Travel Organizers

Help your best friend to make her honeymoon easy breezy! You can gift her a nice set of packing cubes, to organize her clothes and all the other items better, and save space in her bag. You can add in a travel vanity kit to help her organize her makeup and skincare essentials and add in a few makeup products in it as a little surprise. If your budget is higher, you can gift her a nice expensive suitcase or a carry on a handbag.

6. Audio Book subscription

This is for your nerd bestie who loves reading books or listening to podcasts. A yearly subscription to Audible would be a great choice for your friend and is also easy on the pocket. You can also gift her something on similar lines such as an Amazon Kindle subscription etc. Alternatively, if she's not into audiobooks, you can go for a nice set of books that you feel she might be into.

7. Personalized Bathing kit

A comfy bathing robe, a headband, a pair of bathroom slippers, towels, and other essentials all customized in the name of your best friend in her favorite color, sounds good? 

If not a bathing kit like this, you can gift a set of beauty products from The Body Shop or Nykaa depending on your budget.

8. A Date Night

You can book a romantic date night for the couple such as a candlelight dinner or a nice boating session. You can go all out by organizing really fancy dates like a personal movie screening etc depending on your budget with the help of an event company like Outbox events. 

9. A scrapbook

If you are looking for a better pocket-friendly idea, you can make a scrapbook for your bride-to-be best friend and take her down the memory lane of your friendship. After all, a handmade gift shows the kind of love which no expensive gift ever can. Write down all the moments you've shared together, your inside jokes, and everything else that makes your bond special. Add pictures and quotes. And of course, this is also a good way to show her how you're her soul mate before her husband! 

10. A gift card

Lastly, this is for all the busy maid of honors! If you didn't get enough time to pick a gift for your best friend, give her the choice, to pick them up herself! Get her a gift card of the brand she loves the most, or online websites like Amazon and Nykaa so that she can buy whatever she really believes in and needs the most.
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