5 Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

5 Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

De-cluttering is never easy right? And when it comes to de-cluttering, “I will do it tomorrow” keeps on recurring and with that particular ‘tomorrow’ never appearing. Lol. But honestly, there is nothing better than an organized room, an organized wardrobe, an organized makeup corner! The extent I am lazy to organize things, to the same extent it gives me a sense of satisfaction with a view of organized things. Over the years, I have learned or rather devised ways in which you can effortlessly de-clutter your things, and specifically, when it comes to making and beauty products, I am super-duper particular about ways to organize them so that I can get them conveniently and also it looks pretty neat.

So today I will be sharing with you all 5 ways which I have been following to organize that glam corner of yours, let’s see what those are:

Separate Based on the Frequency of Usage: 

There are definitely products with all of us which we are totally obsessed with and even pile them up or cry over their completion, and there are some which are mourning because of the neglect that we show them! I personally do not believe in the stockpiling of products, because why unnecessary?? What I do is that at times when I de-clutter is that I keep those things on the top which I use almost on a daily basis, and the others are kept below them. Try this out, this lessens your daily hassle of finding your regular stuff and help prevent creating that daily mess of scattering things here and there. 

Group by Categories: 

Primers? Foundations? Lipsticks? Eye-shadow? Categorize them. That’s the best way to keep a track of what all you have and also make the place look neat and organized. Either keep them in different drawers of the rack you have or keep into compartments or even separate pouches. This will definitely give you easy access to your picks at the time of rush.

Check the Expiry Date and Arrange: 

This is a trick which I follow to do minimum wastage of products. So I keep checking on the expiry dates of every product and keep them arranged in a way that the one which is immediately going to expire is kept at the top and rest in a decreasing order below it. This helps prevent the wastage of product on basis of non-usage due to it being expired.  

Maintain Color Coding: 

If you are the one who is obsessed with colors, then this is the best trick for you. After you have categorized your products, also subcategorize those nail-paints or lipsticks or eye-shadows arrange them according to color too. That not only helps you to pick and choose but also looks super cool and organized.

Keep Styling Tools in a Separate Category: 

Hairdryer, hair curler, straightener, keep them in a separate section. Also, remember, keep their cords in place and preferably tied up so as to prevent them from getting tangled. 
So, these are the ways that I have been following for long to keep my little corner of beauty organized and super neat. I hope this helps you too!!

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