5 of the Best Shows on Zindagi On ZEE5 to Binge-Watch If You’re Stuck at Home with Club Pack

5 of the Best Shows on Zindagi On ZEE5 to Binge-Watch If You’re Stuck at Home with  Club Pack

By now, being bored at home and with non-stop updates about Covid19 taking a toll on the whole world, you must have started wondering to do something to change your mind and keep yourself sane right? The best thing that you can do for a change of mind during this period of crisis is to binge watch some web series which can give you some good time entertainment and also keep you engaged! 
Now, while talking about web series, the first platform that comes in my mind is ZEE5 as it has some of the most amazing Zindagi shows. ZEE5 is also one of India’s most desirable OTT platforms in accordance with the report of Trust Research Advisory (TRA) which is a Brand Intelligence and Data Insights Company judging a brand’s trust and attractiveness. One more reason to get hooked to ZEE5 is that it has recently launched its ZEE5 Club PackThe Club Pack was launched on 23rd July 2020 and it comes at a price of just Rs. 365/-. Not only it is super reasonable, but it also has much more to it. The exclusive benefits of the ZEE5 Club Pack are: 

This Club Pack consists of 1000+ popular movies; your favorite series, including some of the most amazing Zindagi series and much more.
Everything you watch here is ad-free. 
All your favorite comedy movies, romantic movies, and thriller shows are included in this exclusive pack.
Also, it includes a number of original content. 
Not just this, ZEE5 Club Pack comes with and additional All Access plan that is priced at Rs. 999/- for a year. This All Access plan allows users to access each and everything that is available on Zee5. Also, you can opt for Rs. 99/- per month plan to get access to the ZEE5 content or even go for the Rs. 299/- quarterly plan version of the All-Access Plan. You see the flexibility!! Its pick what you like with a wide range of lucrative offers.
Now also let me take you through some of the most amazing Zindagi shows in ZEE5 which I am very sure will definitely compel you to go for the Club Pack today itself!. Those are:


This one is a story of a young woman's journey (Falak) which is played by beautiful Mahira Khan. Falak was born to rich parents and have lived like a princess. She is a student of fine arts who makes the sculpture of the man of her dreams and falls head over heels in love with a person when she finds the manifestation in him, but then that becomes a turning point in her life. With an IMDb rating of 8.4, this show captures the essence of relationships. It is about the spiritual awakening of the soul and knowing about the power within. A major incident in the show leads Falak towards spiritual bonding and soul-stirring moments.

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon

This is a story of a boy Abdul Qadir who has a heart of gold. His life goes through a number of twists and turns as people around him try to influence him a lot. The story also shows a gradual entry of a girl in his life which again is seen as a major twist in his life. It shows the story of the man who runs to seek peach after his heart-break and gets way more than what he expects. With an IMDb rating of 8.6, I am sure this is gonna keep you at the edge of your seat with the twists and turns.

Mastana Mahi

This drama involves two major characters who come from different aspects of life. One is Adal, a politician’s son and other is Aaleen, an expatriate girl who takes impulsive decisions. Though initially, it’s a love story between Adal and Aaleen, with major twists and turns, Adal and Aaleen get drifted apart and get married to different persons each. The show also shows a gradual love triangle which complicates with time.

Ek Kasak Reh Gayi

It’s the story about a lady, Paras who lives with her younger sister and widowed mother. Paras tries to lead her life in her own terms which is highly objected by her Maulavi uncle. Her uncle becomes an obstruction for her forward-thinking mentality and thereafter the story depicts the ups and downs in her life.


It is a thriller drama about a professional nurse Shammo who kidnaps babies from the hospital and sells them. Nanhi is one such who was kidnapped by Shammo and had believed that Shammo was her real mother. Nanhi is made to look after kidnapped babies since the age of 4 or 5 years till they can be sold off at a good bargain. The story shows conflicts between Nanhi and Shammo with regard to this child selling racket and what happens next is filled with twists and turns.
So with all these super interesting series being aired in ZEE5, don’t you feel this is the right time to get the ZEE5 Club Pack subscribed and binge-watch all!!
Pictures source:  https://www.zee5.com/ 

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