Let’s Bust Some Common Menstruation Myths

Let’s Bust Some Common Menstruation Myths

Let’s Bust Some Common Menstruation Myths

Menstruation is an integral part of a female’s life and without that process; the world would literally have been no-where. But unfortunately enough there are like tons of myths that cycle around this biological process, and I am sure enough that every one of us has faced at least one or two of them. The myths generally develop from age-old superstitions and continue with generations. But in fact, if you try to bust them, you will find that breaking down those myths will actually help lead a better and healthier life.

So here’s a list of 5 most popular myths about periods which in fact popular not only in our country but across the world:

You shouldn’t have a hair wash or hot water shower during the time of your periods

Thank god it’s a Myth!! It’s been uncountable times that I personally have come across people advising me not to take a head bad or hot water shower during periods because it seems will result in excessive flow. The reality is that hot water or rubbing hair for a long duration as required during head wash can help stimulate blood flow, but also will help release muscular tension and ease cramps. Rather a relaxing bath during this time will make you feel cleaner and help deal with mood swings in a better way.

You can’t get pregnant if you have sex during your period

I believe this is one of the most widespread myths that you can’t get pregnant if you have had sex during your periods. In reality, it isn’t really true. The fact is during the time of menstruation, fertility is less, but chances of pregnancy cannot be waived off completely. There is also the belief that having sex during periods is harmful to health for the females, while the fact is, though it might be a little messy, it actually releases hormones which relives cramps and also lift the mood. 

Eating sour foods will worsen menstrual cramps or aggravate your periods

Are you serious?! Sour food has no link to cramps. It is generally advised to eat healthily during menstruation, but there is no link at all that sour foods will make the cramps worse or something. Some people even believe that at times if you are getting late periods, having sour food helps get you faster, and trust me it is completely wrong. There is no connection of sour food with cramps or your dates.

It is unhealthy/unsafe to keep skipping your period

For people who have dysmenorrhea (painful periods) or certain conditions that cause troublesome symptoms, such as endometriosis, are many times advised by doctors to skip periods. According to gynacs, having a monthly period is reassuring, but it is certainly not necessary. So, once again this is a widespread myth and nothing else.

Using tampons as a virgin will break the hymen and take a woman’s virginity

The hymen is a flexible membrane that lines the opening of the vagina and does not really cover the vaginal opening. And because the hymen is stretchy and elastic, inserting something as small as a tampon cannot really break it. Using a tampon initially can be a bit uncomfortable for some, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it breaks the hymen.
Now that you know that these are such widely popular myths, the next time you come across any such, do cross-verify it before you start believing the same.

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