DIY MIRACLE Oil for Face and Body l Beauty And Lifestyle Mantra

DIY MIRACLE Oil for Face and Body

In today’s life, we use high-end beauty products but instead of doing good for skin they sometimes ruin our skin. I was suffering from acne ( without any health issue or lifestyle issue) for the last 2 years. I have used every possible cream from budget-friendly to high-end products. Even I went to dermatologist and instead of getting good results, my skin just became worse, as they gave topical steroids. As I have dusky skin and the add on pimples, pigmentation lead to depression. I was scared to go anywhere as everyone will ask about pimples. My mom suggested a homemade oil but I thought oil can lead to more breakouts. But I thought I should give a try.

Ingredients Needed
  • Mustard oil ( I used Patanjali mustard oil. Any brand pure mustard oil can be used)
  • Raw Turmeric
DIY MIRACLE Oil for Face and Body l Beauty And Lifestyle Mantra
How to Make

  • Buy 250 gms of Raw Turmeric from the market. Wash it properly, peel the skin and make a paste in a grinder machine.
  • Now take 500 ml of mustard oil( Kachchi Ghani preferable).
  • Pour the oil in a Kadai and give the turmeric paste in it.
  • Boil the mixture in a low flame till it turns brown.
  • Strain the oil and let it cool.
  • Keep it in a glass jar or bottle.

How to Apply

Use daily on the face and body. Massage for 10/15 minutes and wash with any body wash.

My experience using this DIY Oil

I will just say try it for once and you will leave every product. Turmeric helps in reducing pigmentation, pimples, and mustard oil treat dryness.

This oil worked like a miracle for me. Try and let us know about your experience in the comment below.