Baby Steps to Eco-Friendly Self Care

Baby Steps to Eco-Friendly Self Care

“Eco-Friendly” is that term which I am sure almost all of us are accustomed to today’s date. It is the way of living without harming the environment. The intent of “eco-friendly living” is focused on not creating harm to the environment, and to prevent as much harm from occurring to the environment through your interactions with it. With the drive of eco-friendly living, a lot of us might have shifted to jute bags from plastic bags or even steel straw from plastic ones, but have you all ever wondered how much you are harming the environment with the plastics that your favorite hair-care or skin-care product are using as a container? What happens when you throw those non-recyclable plastic containers or even other accessories away after it is over? Ever wondered!? Why not try to find out solutions to prevent these plastic build up? In this post today, I am gonna tell you some very minute, yet effective ways in which you can also reduce your plastic waste from your skincare or hair-care favorites. Let’s see what those are:

Wooden comb: 

Wooden combs not only will reduce plastic waste, but are really good for hair. Wood has zero electrostatic charges and thus when it comes in contact with hair, which is negatively charged, it doesn’t cause pulling of it, unlike plastic combs. This results in lesser hair fall, and improved hair health. So now you got enough reasons to shift to wooden combs to form plastic ones?? And over and above, for those who suffer from the itchy scalp or heavy dandruff, neem wood combs are well recommended.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars: 

Ever wondered what happens to those non-recyclable plastic bottles which have liquid shampoos in them? Though some brands have started making shampoo/conditioner bottles with re-cycle able plastics, the majority aren’t! isn’t that a good enough reason to shift to shampoo bars? Many made in India brands these days have started manufacturing excellent shampoo and conditioner bars, which cater to all types of hair needs. Those are nothing but like soap bars, specially formulated for hair. This way you can prevent plastic wastage to at least to some extent, isn’t it? 

Plastic-free Packaging: 

Whenever you get a product, maybe it skincare or hair care, it has so much of plastic bubble wraps, plastic packaging, plastic covers, right? So to prevent that, why not make a bit of self-research and go for brands which do wrap their products with paper or straw or other eco-friendly things?

Glass/Metal Bottle of products: 

These days, a good number of brands have started selling their haircare or skincare products in glass or metal bottles. Do look out for those brands in this eco-friendly drive, and guess what? After the product is over, you can even re-use their containers in your own way, isn’t that great?!

Organic Loofa: 

Many of you might not even be knowing that organic loofa exist, right? Yes, it does! It’s a plant fruit that is dried to be used as a loofa and it does the job as well as any regular nylon loofa. Do give this a try!

Soap over Body Wash:

The reason for this is quite similar to shifting to shampoo/conditioner bars from liquid shampoo/conditioners. The motto is to avoid the plastic container which has the liquid soap so that when the soap gets over, you need not make an extra plastic waste to the environment!

Now that you know these are the ways in which you can start your drive to eco-friendly skin and hair care, why not do your part with these simple yet effective steps?

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