7 Food Items That Should Be Avoided For Healthy and Glowing Skin


We always want to look good and presentable. Our appearance represents the health of our overall system. The diet we take plays a vital role in everything, from keeping our body healthy to the good function of the internal organs which makes our skin healthy. One must have heard this line that ‘you are what you eat.’ So, it’s clear that unhealthy food makes our skin dull and lifeless whereas healthy food helps us to get a glowing and naturally fresh look.
So here I am mentioning 7 food items that should be avoided for healthy and glowing skin:

Junk food / Oily food 

Fried foods contain oxidized fatty acids and destruct essential nutrients like vitamin E, omega-3. It slows down the blood circulation and clogs the pores through which it helps in the formation of bacteria in the skin and stimulates the growth of acne. 

Salty food 

Too much salt can dehydrate our skin which can lead to acne problems. Iodized salt that we add to our food, can also aggravate our skin more and cause breakouts. So, check your food before you eat to limit the usage of additional salt.


Caffeine dehydrates our body, which can show up on our skin too. It makes us alert and awake. These increases stress. As a result, stress hormones may increase the amount of oil produced by glands and we can be more prone to breakouts. 


Not only the high amount but also a moderate intake of alcohol can interfere with the malabsorption of essential nutrients like protein or iron. This way it can lead to several skin and hair issues. One can experience problems like hair loss or flaky skin if is in a habit of drinking it regularly. 

Processed food

It is always good to have fresh fruits and whole grains than processed food. When food is cooked or processed, it loses vital nutrients. But as we know our body needs proper nourishment for better functioning, which results in glowing skin. In addition to this processed food contains various chemicals that can be toxic to our body and may lead to allergic reactions. 

Refined carbohydrates 

Processed sugar and processed flour, which break down into sugar come under this category. It may cause our body to produce more oil and clog our pores. Processed sugar ages skin by creating molecules called “AGEs” (advanced glycation end-products). This may lead to premature aging. Refined carbs include white flour. So, food items like cake, pastry, and bread should be avoided to get healthy skin. 


Skim milk causes the most skin issues because of the whey protein, hormones, and sugar in it. Whey protein is pro-inflammatory and can lead to inflammation which can appear as acne. Cow milk may contain hormones which also can lead to issues like acne and inflammation. The presence of sugar in skim milk leads to a higher glycemic index, which again may increase the problem of acne. 

This list of foods that may be bad for your skin may seem tempting and delicious but is giving you some guidelines to prepare a diet chart that includes fresh and unprocessed food. As to look good, your skin needs to be healthy.